Best Products & Styling Tips (BY HAIR TYPE)


  1. hey boo's! comment below any other great products or methods that may help someone else out!! be sure to mention your hair type and alittle about your hair's characteristics to make it easy for people to pick products you suggest. love you!!!!!!!

  2. Even you have hair from 3b-4c I have some products I’d like to recommend.

    SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Caster Oil Shampoo; the product is amazing and doesn’t strip hair.

    Aussie mega moist; the product has amazing slip..

    For leave in I recommend the Jamaican Black Caster Oil leave in from SheaMoisture, the product is great

    And eco styler is a great gel to hold it in.

  3. I am type 3b/3c & I was watching and taking notes the entire time! I am definitely in the stage of trying to test different products to see what my hair loves and works best. I recently bought miss Jessie's jelly soft curls gel… and I don't think my hair is fond of it that much especially because some of it is still transitioning. But I do want to try some more of her products if you have any suggestions please let me know!! Also THANKYOU for this video lol. New subby

  4. Your hair looks amazing here! Omgggg

  5. Ok I see u with the GoldLink intro music ?

  6. This is an amazing video!! I love that you have the pictures it made it soooo simple to just screenshot the stuff I needed! I love you for this all my natural hair stuff just ran out!!

  7. Kaice…You are just thee BEST!!!?

  8. You are gorgeous. As is your hair ?

  9. This video was very helpful thank youuuuuu???

  10. Cost wise, Creme of Nature is AMAZING!!!

  11. UGH.Im on a budget. Annnd i try to buy black women owned. So i've been sticking with camille rose products I love her morrocan pear conditioner, kinky curly leave-in, and Alikay Naturals lemongrass leave in. I think I will definitely try Mielle Organics and possibly Curls.I also wanna try more Camille Rose products like her curl love, curl maker, and jai butter. I'm anxious to see how they work.

  12. You. Are. Amazing. Your videos are sooo informative and you're so educated and it's like ahhh ??????

  13. Hey, what if you have type 3 hair with low porosity hair and high density hair?

  14. Hey. I used Aunt Jackie's coconut cowash. Do you think it strips the hair too much? I have hair similar to yours

  15. If I have type 4 low porosity hair what products would I use? I feel like in the video you spoke more for high porosity type 4 hair.

  16. Cantu doesn't work for me only their curl moisturizer does

  17. She said “I’m not gonna do type one hair because I don’t know much about styling it and I don’t think there’s much to it, no shade, no shade, no shade, no shade” and I’m like it’s true though

  18. New subbie here! Your hair looks great, and you have such a bubbly personality. I've been needing products for my hair so these suggestions will certainly come in handy

  19. I honestly don’t even know my hair type. I feel like i’m not exactly type 4 but not type 3 either… like right in between & every time i take the naturall curly quiz I get 3C but my curls are tighter… & my hair hates creams… but my hair doesn’t shrink up to 40%

  20. Hey I’m 12 and trying to grow my hair it’s shoulder length do u have any tips

  21. Your hair is so beautiful

  22. Cantu doesnt help my hair either

  23. You learn something new every day. I used to think majority of type 4 were protein sensitive and low porosity and should use more moisturizing products ?

  24. I never really knew what my hair type was until you started naming the ones for type 3. I ran out of deep conditioner sooooo I'm heading out thanks to your reminder

  25. "No shade no shade no shadeee" hahaha so true

  26. “No shade no shade no shade “ lmfaooooo

  27. You are very, very knowledgeable.

  28. I'm late but I commend you on this video!!!! I've been looking for something exactly like this vid! My goodness

  29. Great informative video. Type 4b and 4c, low porosity. I do a pre aloe poo each week over night, then shampoo and condition as usual. Then a deep treatment after with some of my oil mixture. I will definitely try the different LOC methods in different orders to see which one works for me. Thanks again for all the great product suggestions

  30. Amazing!!!!!!! My hair has never felt softer! And Argan Life Argan Oil smells wonderful too!!! Have recommended to all my friends and I will definitely be buying this again!

  31. Please be careful what advice you give people. It's NOT correct that all type 4 hair needs protein treatments. Some have protein sensitive hair and that will lead to breakage for them. Tell people that.
    It's also not true that all type 4 hair should be co-washed. If your hair is fine you should NOT be co-washing because your hair is prone to product build up. I stopped watching after that part.
    Please do thorough research and post responsibly, sis.

  32. Redken also has a good cowash. Their no foam. Great!

  33. Hey I just subscribed to your channel
    And was watching this video for tips and stuff for my natural hair and in you're description you go to FIU like I do! I would love to see you on campus sometime

  34. Thank u so much, I was so tried of buying the wrong products…

  35. Why didn’t I find your channel sooner!!!! Awesome video so happy you included all hair types!!!!!!

  36. for type 4 hair you said conditioners but only listed deep conditioners. can you please suggest regular post shampoo conditioners that are good for said hair type. thank you!

  37. I love the creme of nature argan oil shampoo

  38. Your videos are super helpful! I've been natural for a while and my hair has always been so dry. I'm going to try the layering technique and see how it works out. ????

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