Best Toned Arms and Abs Workout for Brides

Prepping for your wedding day can be really time consuming, but we are here to help you out. This 10-minute, time-saving workout gets the job done. With a focus on the arms and abs, our shed-to-wed video will tone you all over. Press play, and get ready to sweat!


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  5. Why is this advertised as abs and arms if its a full body?…

  6. Didn't get to go to the gym today so I'll do your workout tonight.

  7. Tells you how out of shape I am I barely finished and right when I when to get water I almost hurled? took me five minutes to make the feeling go away

  8. This is crazy but it's worth it

  9. Great workout, I just combined a few of your 10 minute ones and I feel the burn

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  12. how many calories can you burn by doing this routine?

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  14. Love Anna!! — BUT.. Dislike in general when instructors say how hard something is when we're doing it 😉 My favorite is when they are joking around together, distracting rather than calling attention to the difficulty. Just little feedback 😉 Thanks to all!

  15. Can I do thus routine on 3 sets to be more effective ? Thanks

  16. How long will it take to get a toned stomach, if I do a 30 minute ab workout out everyday?

  17. At 2:40 I was so amazed that even my dick stood up and started clapping.

  18. Amazing. So easy and effective. Gonna start from today.

  19. I love your workouts so much Anna! They have helped me a lot to get closer to the fit body I've wanted.. especially those 10 mins workouts that effects the most 🙂
    Also I wanted to point out that, Annie's body have got more fitted so congratulations Annie you go girl 🙂

  20. Love your outfits! Where is it from??

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