Best Ways To Decorate Your Nails With Beautiful Flowers

Nails with beautiful flowers are what every girl should try at least once. Cute, romantic and stylish – that is how you can describe any flowery design. There are so many different techniques that you should try. That is why don’t think that flowery nails are not your thing. You should just find the one that will make your heart melt and voila, you will do them again and again. Trust us, in the flower nail art designs gallery, there is such a great choice that you won’t believe your eyes. You can pick stamping, hand painting, applying water decals, dried flowers or 3D Art Designs. We would like to give you a few variants on few flower arts that will make you feel as good, confident and cute as possible with these techniques. After our suggestions, you will be able to pick what your heart desires.

Quick and Easy Stamping Art With Beautiful Flowers

Nail stamping is a technique that is so popular not only among professionals but also among nails enthusiasts. Of course, as you can do it easily without spending a fortune in beauty salons. Nails with beautiful flowers can be done easily this way even at home. How does nail stamping work? Well, you just take a metal plate with the floral design you prefer, apply your nail polish to it and get this made design to your stamper. From it, you easily transfer your easy flower nail designs to your nails. Most of the people who have tried it once, can’t refuse it now so every manicure they do ends up with pretty nail stamps. Imagine how easy it is to achieve a great detailed image of flowers on the nails with it.

Quick and Easy Stamping Flowers picture 1

Quick and Easy Stamping Flowers picture 3

Hand Painted Nails With Beautiful Flowers

Hand painting can be a bit difficult for some people but all the time spent on making nails with beautiful flowers on them is worth it. Even simple flower nail art can a challenge for you to apply, but don’t worry. We have a few most important, in our opinion, tips for you on how to make your hand painted nail design look the best. The first one would be not to rush. No one is running after you so take your time and carefully do all the needed steps. Always remember to put not too much of nail polish if you don’t want your design to look watery. If you mind our advice, it will work out well for you. If this technique is not perfect for you at first, don’t panic. Practice and your painting of flower designs will get better and better. Floral art is beautiful but also needs your effort and patience. However, imagine how artistic you can get with your flower designs as soon as you get on with this skill.

Hand Painted Nails With Beautiful Flowers picture 1

Hand Painted Nails With Beautiful Flowers picture 2

Hand Painted Nails With Beautiful Flowers picture 3

Floral Nail Designs With Water Decals and Stickers

For those who only start getting deeper into the floral nail theme, this technique will be a must. Water Decals are the best in the game in the flower nail designs for beginners. Do you want to know why? They can be done by ourselves and we don’t need much time and effort to apply them to our nails. When it comes to flowers, there has to be some precision in the design you transfer and this technique is exactly what we are looking for when it comes to this. The image on your decals is printed so it looks as natural as possible. Here is how this technique works. Soak your flowery decal into the water for a few seconds, slide the paper off it, put the design onto your nails and put on a few coats of transparent nail polish to cover it up with some protection. Are you waiting for more instructions? Then don’t. Cause that is all you will have to do to enjoy your floral design.

Floral Nail Designs With Water Decals and Stickers picture 1

Floral Nail Designs With Water Decals and Stickers picture 2

Floral Nail Designs With Water Decals and Stickers picture 3

Amazing Dried Flowers On Your Nails

Beautiful flower designs are such a big trend now that more and more ideas of applying them to our nails start to appear. Transferring dried flowers is one of the most genius ones. Don’t you think? Easy, natural, beautiful and romantic- that’s how we can describe the results you will have after trying this technique. Dry a few little flowers you really like and press them with the help of anything heavy (a book for example). After it dries up being flat, carefully take it and place onto your nail covered with your preferable nail polish. It looks great already doesn’t it? Then make sure it sticks well to the polish and put some transparent nail polish on top. People will be amazed at such an innovative way you used to make a flower design. Don’t hesitate when it comes to this technique, as it will become your favorite during summer for sure.

Amazing Dried Flowers On Your Nails picture 1

Amazing Dried Flowers On Your Nails picture 2

Gorgeous 3-D Floral Nail Art

Flower nails designs can be different and this gorgeous 3-D Floral Nail Art Technique is a great proof of it. Creativity is a great word that describes this way of applying the floral design. Are you bored of everything being ordinary? Then pick your preferable flower 3-D art and apply it to your nails. Be really careful with putting it on, you should help yourself with some tweezers and apply a few coats of transparent nail polish to make sure it will last long. The result will be impressive if you follow the instructions. Different and truly amazing- that’s how most of the women describe their experience with 3-D designs. This technique definitely stands out among others, so dare to try it and you won’t regret it.


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  1. Soooo, you describe how to use water decals and then comes two images from Jamberry – those are nail wraps, totally different application method and no water necessary. Water will ruin them, heat, on the other hand…
    Totally still shared the link with my fave people though, because those other manis are gorgeous!

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