Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga has been gaining more and more importance and popularity with each passing day. Given the fact that it has also been found to be a solution to many problems, there are many specific yoga poses for each problem. The best part of following these poses is that trying these poses do not involve following any form of medication and are thus harmless almost all the time. Yoga can also be followed by people of any age group. The following are some of the many available yoga poses for people looking for weight loss solutions without compromising much on their diet.

Half moon pose

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Also called ardha chandraasana, this pose or asana does wonders for your inner and upper thighs, as well as buttocks. Also, the stretching on your stomach causes the excess fat here and in the surrounding areas to get burned off. Stand with feet kept close to each other and keep your palms together as in praying position. Lift to over your head and stretch as if to touch the ceiling. Now, exhale gently and bend sideways from your hips. Remember to keep the elbows straight and avoid stretching forward. Refrain from doing this asana if you have high blood pressure, digestive disorders or a spinal injury.

Tree pose

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Known as vrksasana in local parlance, this pose helps you maintain the optimum weight around your abdomen, arms and things while also offering the perfect toning for your hands and legs. Stand with legs together and put most of your body weight on one leg with very little on the other. Raise the leg with less weight so that its foot faces inwards to the other knee. Make sure that the heel of this foot is as close to the inner thigh of the other leg as possible. Raise your hands above the head such that they appear to touch the ceiling.


Lion pose

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The lion pose or simhasana can knock out the excess fat from your face and tone its muscles. Turn on your back and fold your legs inward. Sit on your knees and put your tongue out as much as you can. This in turn causes your spine and thorax also to get stretched along with the facial muscles. Doing this asana periodically can help you get rid of the double chin problem. While sitting on the floor and positioning your body as mentioned is the best method, you can also sit on a chair and stretch your tongue out if you have problem sitting on the floor.

Downward dog pose

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Alternatively called the adho mukha svanasana, this pose requires you to stand in an inverted V like formation. Bend down as much as you can and touch the floor with your hands stretching them as much as possible in the forward direction. Similarly, stretch your legs backward to the maximum extent possible. Remember to keep both your palms and feet firmly on the ground. The hands are responsible for supporting your upper body while the legs take care of the lower part. Remain in this pose as long as you can. This pose is an excellent means of toning your biceps and arms. However, it is advisable you keep off this asana if you are affected by carpel tunnel syndrome.