After Beyonce’s ICONIC performance at Coachella (or Beychella, haha), I invited her makeup artist Sir John to my studio to give me a classic Sir John glam! We finally get to know more about this makeup legend: how does he get queen B ready for her shows, and what other amazing works does he do? Find out in today’s video!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. Wow she looks so different but….. Its beautiful

  3. i love him so much it's insane

  4. The editing ?????
    You cut so many steps and products. It defeats the purpose ?

  5. He is an awsome artist and has awsome thinking ??

  6. He was really nice to Nikkie and looked so grateful because she complimented him❤
    He hugged her and gave her tips
    That's what the make up community should be about, not the drama we always get

  7. he used to dark tone foundation than she has. Eyes make up is done but I don't like skin tone color. BTW good job

  8. Everything about him is so soulful and artistic – from the way he speaks to the way he holds the make up brushes HOW

  9. Wow..wht foundation

  10. If there were doctors specifically for makeup; He’d be the best! He sounds like one….

  11. Luved this session..thnku plz list the products he used

  12. Giiiiiiirrrrrrl your eyes are poppin!!! ?

  13. U look best without all that full cover foundation.. you don't need that anyway and this video shows it!

  14. He’s so fucking amazing and down to earth…love him followed him already ❤️❤️❤️

  15. He has so many great tips!

  16. I love the way he did your eyes. Just beautiful.

  17. You should've asked him to make green eyeshadow look stunning on you

  18. I love his skills and apperens but i think this make up (eyes and foundation in particular) doesn’t match Nikkie and she looks like in video “how I did my make up in high school”…

  19. I just learned so much, And sir did a fabulous job. Like omg

  20. He is so down to earth?. And Nikkie you look more beautiful without makeup.

  21. I love him! His hand is so light, looks beautiful!

  22. I totally missed the trick under the eyes. What did he do? This was such a cool video! You look flawlessly beautiful!

  23. the way he speaks is really calming. he seems so real.

  24. The perfect winterlook…better wear a scarf so people dont see your white neck…fail…sorry…

  25. That was the most amazing interview I’ve seen in a long time. You both were so elegant and mesmerizing. Favorite trick was the fluffy brush and the concealer blend.

  26. Wow !! Your makeup looks stunning ?

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