Big Messy Beach Waves- Hair Tutorial


  1. Lmao I did the whole scrunchy shakira look

  2. The best video, the tip to have space between hair make the difference.

  3. Nice i like your hair, thanks for the tip

  4. You look like Thalia when she used to do novelas

  5. this video popped up on my suggestions and i had not watch it. It was written 2 years ago and it really tempted me to watch it an i realised you have developed and changed(in a good way) so much.. and have come soo far with soo much improvement on the video quality, your makeup.. but the thing that had not changed was you! your personality! Its the same you back then and now i just love it.. much much love from nepal ❤ #snapchatfam

  6. So far the best video on beach waves?

  7. my hair goes like this with out doing nothing to it except washing it and drying it upside down lol !!

  8. is there a certain way you clip in your extensions? Let a girl know!! PLEASE!

  9. You look so cool in Blond hair??

  10. I love your sassiness! Thanks for showing us how to have fun hair and still be yourself 🙂

  11. hi love your videos is this your real hair?? i can't get my hair to be that long without it being damaged!!! help

  12. the end of her hair is really thin. its not the same thickness as the root.

  13. Love it. Please check out my new Victorias Secret inspired hair wave tutorial xo

  14. it's so crazy how much her and J-Lo look alike. gorgeous!

  15. Hey! I have been doing my hair for a long time but I could never find the right extensions? what extensions do you recommend?

  16. messy waves like this are the total best! i even posted a video about it on my channel, mind checking it out? xo

  17. Is the sun bum salt spray necessary to make the hairstyle like that? Is it ok if I just use the hair spray? I just don't know the function of it. Anws nice tutorial

  18. guirl theres nothing effortless about that hair, lol! You are so beautiful

  19. desi your Beautiful Girl and this video was very Helpful ?

  20. Is this your real Skin Color ? ????

  21. My hairs naturally that long and thick but I always have trouble making my curls look like this. They either come out Shirley temple esque or fall within an hour. The hairspray before you curl and the salt spray really did help! Thanks so much ily ?

  22. Looks amazing 🙂 Thank u

  23. ohh Desi you are sooooo beautiful l love you so much.l like your make up and your style????❤❤❤

  24. ohh Desi you are sooooo beautiful l love you so much.l like your make up and your style????❤❤❤

  25. does the size of the wand affect the curl?

  26. New to the channel! Youre gorgeous

  27. When I get my new extensions Im def doing this ! I love it

  28. Hoooly goodness. Watching this video after adjusting to your new hair cut is like WHOA. A) I WISH my hair was this long. B) I LOVE your hair now. The struggle of deciding whether to chop it off or let it grow…

  29. love this it is so beautiful

  30. Do you use the same sized wand for your bob version of this?

  31. Omg Lol I Sometimes Still Crunch my Hair With Gel & Hair Spray ??

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