Hellooo again 🙂 YAY For finally getting up my long awaited spring haul!! LOL! I’ve wanted to film this for over a month and finally got it done friday! I hope you guys enjoy my big spring haul! I love sharing new outfits that I picked out with you guys! Sometimes when I wear an outfit its already sold out by the time I can post about it. So I like to show you ahead of time some of the new arrivals 🙂 Do you guys enjoy these fashion hauls?? I know you’ve been wanting a try on haul. Promise that will be next 🙂 QUESTION! Do you guys prefer my old fashion blog posts or the mirror pictures i’ve been posting on @thefashionbybel instagram? Let me know because I would love to hear your feedback!!! I leave for London TOMORROW! I havent even packed yet so off I go. I will be back with videos ASAP!! And I will be vlogging (most likely if I get the AOK) I’ve been working on something SOOOO EXCITING for about 8 months now. I cannot wait to share! SO SOON!!! LOVE YOU ANGELS!!!




  1. Her hair makes her look like an elf ?

  2. HI! As a fellow fashion lover, I thought you might be interested in this documentary (on Netflix) about fair trade.

    It's called the True Cost – and it's totally changed my life.
    You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out which companies ARE ethical, but heartbroken to find others are not.

    ANYWAY! Sorry to be a documentary pusher, but it's important and I thought you'd be interested!

  3. OMG love it! love you too Carli baby


  5. That crop top looks like Selena Quintanilla. Love it!

  6. Before I clicked on the video I thought you had cat ears on! haha Congrats on the line love!

  7. You should do a week outfits vid ??

  8. Why is this in the makeup tutorial playlist

  9. She looks so different in video then she does in her pictures.?

  10. please make more fashion videos!

  11. I like Carli's style, so I enjoy watching her videos, personally I watch for more for the more casual modern styles, a lot of them are way too revealing and just not practical. Yes, gurl. Buy that sequined bra shirt and wear it around in your closet, but really wear else are you going to wear that??! Or the 1000 other pieces that you have. Just seems wasteful to me.

  12. I thought you were vegan…? You wear silk though?

  13. you have too many clothes and shoes…I think it's about time you stop

  14. Thank you for making videos because you are amazing and you make me smile

  15. Seriously, you have the best style!! Please start your own store/company! 🙂

  16. These videos would be ten times better if it were a try on haul

  17. love you carli❤️ what part of jersey do you live in?

  18. Carli you are such a good role model I have to say!! I'm a little younger than you but your advice is like an older sister, thank you for all of your tips! <3

  19. How long will the sabo skirt coupon be working?? I tried it but it isn't working:(
    You're look so beautiful! And your fashion sense is so amazing!! I just want to buy everything you got! Unfortunately my wallet says no…:( haha

  20. your hair reminds me of rini's hair when she's older in sailor moon ??? love it !!!

  21. Hey guys ?????? please watch my video and subscribe ??????❤️

  22. Sounds like Jeana from prankvsprank

  23. What is the black bag in the back?

  24. What size do you typically wear in Missguided?

  25. You have a good sense of style?. Love everything.

  26. How "Selena Quintanilla Perez" is that black pearled Bra Top? SO cute!

  27. it bothered me so much that the audio doesn't match the video, or is it just me?

  28. I like the mirror pictures more on your instagram

  29. Please let us know if you ever decide to sell your clothes.?

  30. in the south we call "army print" camo ??

  31. I think have great style Carli! Id just have no where to go in any of those outfits!!

  32. Oh my God, I have wanted to go to that concert for some months now, you're soo lucky! Wish I could afford it.

  33. omg so much amazing clothess _

  34. do a summer outfit/makeup video!!!!

  35. its really bugging me that her voice is 1 or 2 seconds ahead of the video

  36. the next time you do a cleaning to your closet please send me what u dont want anymore.thank u 🙂
    p.s: you're so beautiful.

  37. Carli Bybel Palette is available and ULTA!!!

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