Big Voluminous Hair Tutorial by Carli Bybel

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  1. My hair always gets stuck in rollers because it's so coarse. ?

  2. y todo eso encima de las extensiones?

  3. Does she have hair exentions in at the bottom? Cause its flat then goes crazy puffy

  4. She looks really young in this video, I thought it was a 2009 throwback

  5. Wait, is she blow drying dry hair? It didn't look wet..

  6. Why did I have a notification of this ? This is a huge TB . love u Carli

  7. ur having lovely hair carli.. n i jst luv ur hair cut in dis video?..

  8. All I want is to know how to get voluminous hair but this video helped me a lot and gives me abig smile and laughing out loud at the same , the one walked at your back and crawled when she wants to get out .???

  9. I love this video I remember when this came out!
    Xoxo your fan

  10. my arms always kill after im done with my hair, plus it gets hotter than hell in my bathroom so I always end up sweating.

  11. this video helped me out a lot. thanks

  12. what bed head product was that?

  13. Way to much trouble. Other videos that I've seen use Lee's half the effort you're putting into doing your hair with the same results. Got to keep it simple.

  14. now that was lot of efforts… n time consuming… i probably try for occasions

  15. I LOVE BIG HAIR! I have big voluminous hair too down to my butt! I've learned so many tricks along the way. I haven't used a flat iron or curling iron on it in over 6 years! People are shocked when I tell them. I wrap mine up before I go to bed usually so that I can have big volume waves in the morning! You go girl with your long hair!

  16. Wowwww amazing and you are do it so easy Good for you girl I admire you

  17. First, Amazing hair.. Second.. I can prob never do that lol.. But seriously lol.. Is anyone else laughing their a$$ off at the dude in his undies lol lol lol He walked in and crawled out HAHAHAHAH

  18. She looks like she appeared out of nowhere! Lol. I love your hair so gorgeous. It looks so soft.

  19. She looks like she appeared out of nowhere! Lol. I love your hair so gorgeous. It looks so soft.

  20. Did anyone else see the girl crawling out the room or am I just tripping lol

  21. shew… all this blow drying and rolling… i am too impatient to try and attempt a hairstyle like this. mine would never look like that anyway. her hair looks to be naturally thick so i'm sure she has no problem getting volume in the first place.

  22. it's hard to tell who's really pretty these days with all the makeup, that's all I see is makeup not your natural beauty …

  23. is your hair already dry ??

  24. wouldn't this take about 4 hours to do? it only takes me five mins to dry my hair so I'll stick to that

  25. Did…did some dude in his underwear just walk by?

  26. Did…did some dude in his underwear just walk by?

  27. my hair is frizzy like hers, but I have tons of it! :*( and it's super thick. anyone seen a tutorial or products for my type of hair? =D thx

  28. Yeh I don't have time for this, guess I'll just go everywhere with flat hair

  29. I thought it was babyliss, not babyBliss????

  30. Hair is amazing and so r ur features ur super gorgeous !

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