Big Voluminous Long Lasting Curls

Hello beauties!! Today I have another new video for you! Oh ya! On a roll 😉 Its been a long time since I’ve posted a hair tutorial! I figured it was time to show you how I currently curl my hair! These techniques & new Schwarzkopf products will help keep your curls in all night! I’ve tried a ton of different techniques, but this one is my GO TO! A few weeks back I went out to LA for an 8 hour seminar to learn all about these new products. It was very hands-on and I was SO incredibly happy with how well they worked! I also love that any of you could check them out at your local Walmart. PLUS they are all under $7! Can’t beat that 😉 I hope you guys enjoy this video! If you have any techniques that work amazing for you, feel free to share below!! I love you muffins!!! XO Carli

Products Used:


  1. where did you get that top??!!

  2. Omg your so nice !! This video is the first one I'm watching from you and you start the video off by "thank you for watching" that made me happy you so sweet!?

  3. Where can I order this stuff, Carli? <3 I also have problems with the result that my hairstraightener gives on my hair, so I would be glad if you help me find it, or even order it <3 Huge hug!

  4. You are such an inspiration! 🙂

  5. You sound like Mila Kunis & look like Emilia Clarke lmao, I LOVED THIS VIDEO THANK YOUU <3

  6. how long will all of this take?

  7. Thank you!!! I will try it today for prom, wish me luck ? my curls mostly don't last longer than 2 hours… So I hope this will help! ?

  8. What color is your hair? i love it!

  9. Carli what kind of paddle brush do you use to brush your curls ?
    is it the one with soft Bristles?

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tutorial! I am going to do this on my next date night. It really helped me understand where to place the curling iron because sometimes thats the most difficult part to figure out!

    Thank you Carli for all your AWESOME Videos!! Love you and your classic styles 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ps: I'm one of your biggest fans. Been following you for years and you've really helped me out with your awesome tutorials!

  11. zammm this is the definintion of when u wear clothes and they make ur eyes POP!!!

  12. Did they discontinue the volume powder?

  13. I bought this volumizing powder because of this video. Not impressed. There's a similar powder made by Not Your Mothers, brand. That I find works better for my fine, flat, CRAPPPY hair type!

  14. how did you do your makeup for this tutorial ??

  15. All your videos are inspirational <3

  16. Desperately needed this! Thanks Carli <3

  17. oh. my. god. in the cover photo you look exactly like Katy Perry!!!

  18. You're so beautiful! I'm jealous!!!

  19. Beautiful and I like how you say Schwarzkopf! ☺️

  20. Her hair looks healthier than mine when it's freshly washed and hers is 2 days old ? her hair is too die for

  21. Powder play from big sexy hair is so much more effective than the schwarzkopf one

  22. You sound and talk like Mila Kunis and it was tripping me up the whole time ???

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