Hello loves! Today I am sharing some bikini body hacks! How to look hot in a bikini and how to get a bikini body! I share some fitness exercises to get a flat stomach and clothing hacks as well. Diy tan, Trying on bikinis!!


  1. No offence but try being fat and losing weight for a bikini body in time for summer, it's not gonna work boo


  3. I'm going swimming on Friday and I don't feel confident wearing a bikini I'm not super thin but I have a bit of a belly pouch any good tips?x

  4. I'm pretty sure your knee isn't supposed to go over your toes in the lunges but maybe that's just the anglr

  5. Name of the intro track please?

  6. do u know the fat by your panties….can u make a video on how to hide that….plz

  7. What do you use to apply the cocoa lotion ?

  8. I know I should love my body but I accidentally stopped eating and I only eat like one thing a day….ughhh the struggles of not being pretty i guess lmao

  9. do a summer food videos❤ (food for summer)❣

  10. great I just bought a normal bikini and i DO NOT have a flat stomach, great, just great. time for a bunch of ab workouts

  11. Just wanna say you're SO SO SO beautiful I cant even!

  12. Can you please do a video explaining healthy summer meals?

  13. I have just subscribed! I love your videos and your ideas, new support from Spain 😉 ?

  14. Where did you get your bathing suit the high wasted one ??

  15. Please do a butt workout??desperate

  16. I'm going to Florida in July this summer and I have a little fat in my stomach so I'm hoping this will help but if you think of anymore please post more it would mean so much!!! Ily btw❤️❤️

  17. From where is the waterproof tape ? do you have an amazon link ? ♡

  18. If I shave the day before the hair on my legs just grow back over night ?

  19. I love how people are already making summer videos but I live in Michigan so I can't use them until August because it's always 50°F here….

  20. where did you buy this bikini please?

  21. How can i get rid of thigh fat??

  22. Peppermint tea is also great for bloating! It also happens to be my favorite flavor of tea.

  23. Hi Nicoletta! Love your videos girl! You inspire me!!! I love the tip you mentioned about razor bumps and the aloe vera! Do you have any other hacks for waxing/shaving your bikini area?! I tend to be super self conscious about this when I go to the beach or pool so I always end up wearing a wrap or swim shorts over my bikini…. Would love to hear your tips on this!! Thank so much!! Xoxo

  24. Girls, never do anything like plastic surgery,implants, and DO NOT put tape on your boobs!!!! This is terrible and even if you have small boobs you are beautiful just the way you are and we are all unique and that will never change no matter how we or our boobs look❤?

  25. Ta ha ha ha I'll never be confident in my body or myself ?

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