Birthday Cartoon Balloon Nails

♥ That’s right you guys! YOU will be having a BIRTHDAY! So have fun wearing these cute little balloons 🙂

♡ Products Used

  • ♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • ♥ OPI Alpine Snow
  • ♥ China Glaze Snow Globe
  • ♥ China Glaze Hey Sailor
  • ♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat


  1. my bday is in just 2 days its the 8th of may

  2. i should wear this for my 13th birthday!


  4. She sounds like a stuck up brat and a smart alic

  5. Today's my birthday! Jan 24th ???

  6. my birthday is in 3 days……DOING THESE

  7. My birthday is tomorrow! <3

  8. This video was uploaded the week before my birthday haha 

  9. My b-day is tomorrow and I´m totally gonna wear this cute design:)
    heck out @teklaandalma om instagram. take care! :**

  10. my bday is may 28…i believe my aunt is coming over tomorrow may 21…ill ask her to do this

  11. Im definitly going to wear that on my 13th birthday next week

  12. Mine is January 3rd I will wear it on my 12th birthday

  13. My Birthday is tomorrow (March 24)

  14. I am looking at some birthday designs to do for my coming 11th birthday on April 4th and I am planning on trying this one out!

  15. I did these and someone asked me why I had rainbow sperm on my nails XD 

  16. My bday is next week! I'll be wearing this when I go to my in laws for dinner!

  17. My birthday is next week on feb 7 I can't wait I am so wearing this

  18. OMG, how did you know when my birthday is?

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