Black Chrome and Metallic Microbeads

Suzie creates a dramatic design featuring Black Chrome and Metallic Microbeads.

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  1. This is so relaxing thank you Suzie your voice is so pretty too

  2. Love her but her hair makes me cry

  3. I understand that some people'll find such nails beautifuly done, but they remind me so much about demon's claws.

  4. They become a very pretty gunmetal grey, I'd love to see you make it look like bullets or something.

  5. They do look like weapons! Don't mess with Suzie 🙂

  6. Suzie: *posts a video*
    Me: Oh shit I've been forgetting to push back my cuticles

  7. Love the black Chrome but I’m really curious when you take the take the Pepper nails off will the dust be more irritating since it has the hot pepper flacks in them?

  8. Can you use the black chrome over a different color underneath?

  9. Is always like I order something I watch on Internet, and the next day there's new stuff on hype…I just get to learn a technique fine and there's a new one to learn…

  10. That looks so awesome! It looks especially cool with the sparkling from the chilly pepper nail.

  11. This looks so wonderfull. I wonder what the black chrome looks like with a mat topcoat

  12. I've always loved black nails. I think it's so elegant also. N so glad u chose the black beads. Beautiful. Also that upside down great tipl. Also im having such a hard time shaping my nails as thin as that when it comes to stilettos? Do u have a video on that?

  13. Doesn't look that different to a shiny black polish. I think it would look better if the colour underneath would be lighter.

  14. I wonder how would that look with a with nail polish – prob some kind of gray

  15. Love a bit of black Crome stunning ?

  16. Sooooo Beautiful!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  17. What kind/brand of nail curer/lamp is that?

  18. Ever since I started watching your videos I really want to do nails It's so weird to me. Like applying gel and acrylic seems so cool and I feel like its a really laid back job. I love your videos so much <3

  19. So pretty ??
    My question is what would the black chrome look with different colours underneath?

  20. ? can you please do a rose gold chrome look

  21. Your way of explaining things is so soothing. Thank you for these amazing videos, you put so much thought into them!

  22. That chrome is so beautiful ???

  23. Love these!! So sexy…but my perfectionist was yelling at me to fill the nail completely with the beads and not leave spaces haha

  24. Cristine from SimplyNailogical needs to visit Suzie for a collab!

  25. This is gorgeous ! You are so talented and your videos are amazing, keep it up ! Love you Suzie ! 🙂

  26. Gorgeous! And really lovin Camerman's on-point design sense! lol!

  27. I wish it was more metallic. I feel like it should look more like graphite. They don't look much different as is lol

  28. Yaaaaay! I've been waiting for this! ?

  29. To think that many years ago I used a pencil to do that…

  30. id call these cat woman nails love this chrome need this chrome

  31. Personally I always put a thin, watery top coat over things like the beads or gems. It secures them a bit more and doesn't take away from the look too much

  32. can you do a tutorial on using flocking powder for velvet nail designs?

  33. Yes, but can you easily poke the nose with these?

  34. How do you do anything with nails that long?!?!

  35. My regular nail polish just looks like this? o-o I mean, if it were oil-spill looking, I could understand, but it just looks like a shiny black.

  36. I love your videos they really help your the best nail teacher love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. It would probably make more difference to other colours or just on a clear surface

  38. they are very scifi aren't they. Love it 🙂

  39. I love watching you before I go to sleep. You are so pleasant to watch, your voice is so soothing and there is no loud and annoying backround music. Everything is so calming thats why I get sleepy. Not because it's boring or anything just because I can concentrate on the video and get hypnotized.
    Love you ?

  40. Lovely! How would the black chrome look with other base colors? Perhaps a red or purple?

  41. This video was relaxing for me….

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