Black & gold fancy party striped nail art



  1. I alway come here for the HOLO ??

  2. Is anyone else watching this in 2017

  3. I think you are cool and I like your voice and I think your really funny ?

  4. i love her god damn voice, whoever doesn’t like her voice and thinks it’s annoying, just put down the volume, that simple, anti-holo bishes ☺️

  5. I love your voice. I love ya videos

  6. Christine, I love your voice, love your sense of humor and love your videos ??

  7. If people think your annoying, DONT WATCH THE VIDEO! JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE!

  8. Watching this on the 6th of december 2017……. I miss cristine's old nail tutorials, and her liquid latex.. Not those nail aprons.. Ughhh so much memories ??

  9. Is it white and blue or black and gold

  10. Clean up around the edge with an angled eyeliner brush… ok

  11. Maaaan Cristine ''invented'' the glitter polish on sponge for better result right ???

  12. I LOVE your voice!! Ignore the morons!!


  14. This golden Holo is literally what I need I my life. I got golden glitter on my nails right now

  15. Come for the holo stay for the peel porn

  16. I don't think your voice is annoying at all i mean compared to other YouTubers

  17. Do not let the haters get to you.I hope you leave asses?????

  18. Simply savage logical deals with haters like a pro! ?

  19. Cristine is such a savage troll mwhahaha back off haters

  20. If people don’t like her voice why watch her Chanel?

  21. I think you have a beautiful

  22. Herr voice is the best part of the video so HATERS BACK OFF!

  23. Its actually funny how some people find her annoying while i just watch the vids to hear her voice and get a laugh i never do the nails or pay attention lol i love you cristine you're da best :3 and menchie

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