Black & Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial || Roxxsaurus

Hey guys! here’s a dramatic gold and black smokey eye for the night time! I hope you guys like this makeup, if you recreate it tag me in the picture on instagram or twitter I’d love to see it!!


  1. can u tell me which lipstick u have on

  2. Well…. Mine didn't turn out like that

  3. I love this look. Its bold and sassy XD My style 😀 xx

  4. U look a lot like Gigi Hadid

  5. Ok THIS looks so simple and I love the way she talks!!!

  6. i wish I could have your eyes, you look so good with every eyeshadow , I'll try this one, your videos help me a lot , thankyou so much!

  7. nice!! im gonna try this in black and red. thanks!

  8. Laura Leth copied your black and gold smokey eye video. ????????

  9. Omg this is beautiful it looks gorgeous on you!

  10. I'm really bad at applying eyeshadow but you explain everything so well that it becomes a lot easier!

  11. You're so beautifull. Ily sm <3
    Send a kiss for portuguese people.<3
    "TE AMO"

  12. You look so much like Jennifer Lawrence with that make up, wow ❤


  14. You're so gorgeouss and perfect??
    So jelaus?

  15. My university's colors are black and gold so this is fantastic for me! Beautiful job

  16. I absolutely love it!! Btw ur so pretty! I love u!

  17. im stunned at how unbelievable this eye look is. genuinley in awe at how nice and easy to follow it is.

  18. Your eyes are unbelieveably gorgeous!??

  19. This kind of make up is the exact about you! You look so different and sexy!

  20. oh my god what this is amazing i haveeee to try this

  21. Love it! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow

  22. It looks GORGEOUS on you!!! I love it!!

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