Blair’s 5 Minute Ponytail from Gossip Girl

1:24 to skip the intro.

What you’ll need:
Bobby pins
Hair band

Products I used
Conair secure hold bobby pins
Hair band (by Conair)

What I’m wearing:
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Nails: Butter London – chimney sweep and Zoya – Charla

-Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily Skin
-Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder
Blush: Rimmel Blush Autumn Catwalk
-Mixed a lot of colors from the Shady Lady vol 2 pallet by The Balm
Liner: Physicians formula gel liner
Mascara: Revlon Double Twist

Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. You're the best! I loved Blair's chic and classy 'dos <3

  2. Good but it’s different to first picture before beginning video

  3. nice video looks so pretty and easy. thank you

  4. Can someone please tell me if this works for long hair <3 x

  5. It says 5 minutes ponytail but the video is 3 minutes something ?

  6. I came here because I really love Gossip Girl.

  7. If it is the hairstyle she wore in episode 4×13 because it is the same, she has something that looks like a fishtail braid.

  8. This is more like a 30 minute ponytail for me…

  9. is it just me or she looks so different here compared to her newer vids

  10. You're so sweet and smart, incredibly pleasant to watch! I just found you today, but I've already subscribed and watched a bunch of your videos!
    Thank you for these tutorials, you're beautiful and fun and very talented! Gorgeous hair, too, btw!

  11. my daughter likes how you used the bobby pins 

  12. this is very difficult to do on long hair.

  13. Very cute!  Thanks for sharing.

  14. You are sooo beautiful and cute !! Thank you very much for this video ! Love it !

  15. Very cute! You are lovely and have a sweet presentation. Thank you

  16. Super Adorable.  Thanks
    Glam and chic, yet casual enuf.  

  17. i love it,thanks kayley

  18. I'm gonna try it!! Yay! I love it

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