Bleached Brows without Bleach!


  • Kryolan Aquacolor ‘Ivory’
  • M.A.C Fix +
  • M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer ‘NC 15’


  • OPI ‘The one that got Away’ + Barry M Crack Polish on top.


  • Box Ring: Ydeltuyt.
  • Earstuds: Kruidvat < Local Drugstore.



  1. Thats crazy how you lost the accent! Love you Nikki

  2. i was watching this and i was like wow this girl sounds exactly like nikkie and then i looked at the subscribe button..

  3. i always forget she's from the netherlands

  4. I'm SHOOK! you speak dutch! I didn't know! after all this time..

  5. OMG, Nikkie looks so pretty back in 2011, What happen?

  6. woooow she looks way different than now she was super skinner lol

  7. This is the first Nikkie video I ever saw. Everything is different! I love hearing you speak Dutch.

  8. Yaaaaaass.
    I can be like Jin from bts fire.
    I'm coming hyung!

  9. she looks so different in this video like woah. but she still slays

  10. Ur gorgeous <3 omg i'm so jealous, ur hair is so pretty!!

  11. Why does your voice sound like that???? Argh killed me from the inside out lol but nice video.

  12. You look like Rhonda Rousey

  13. but what about those with dark brown or even black eyebrows like myself?

  14. i love your accent here! huge difference from your new videos =)

  15. What's the number of the kryolan ivory aqua?

  16. She's speaking Dutch for those wondering.

  17. what language you speak at the end of the video?

  18. Why are you bleaching your eyebrows? My eyebrows are so light, they're nearly translucent. I'd love mine to be darker without having to do them because I suck at coloring in my brows. My face looks odd and I get Neanderthal brow if I don't draw them in.

  19. What shade should I use for black eyebrows? :/

  20. I have black eyebrows as well and i want them to be brown! Which shade did you use?

  21. ohmygosh your puppy is the cutest EVER!! x

  22. no, it isn't 🙂 that's the whole point, that you don't have to bleach your brows permanently. xoxo

  23. it works! my brows were black, and after i tried her skills, yea~ but some brown shadows.. and pling ! i had brown browss 😀

  24. How long does this last for? Thanks 😛

  25. you barely have any eyebrows haha 🙂

  26. Shes actually from the Netherlands

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