BLING IT UP! – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

Suzie shares designs that add Bling to your nails – and it takes less than 5 minutes to do! In this video Suzie adds some spectacular sparkle with Pixie Dust Gems.

0:26 Swarovski Crystal Pixie
0:51 Buff the Acrylic Nail bed
1:09 Paint on Builder Gel
1:55 Pour on Crystal Pixie
2:34 Make sure Crystal Pixie is placed how you want it
3:25 Cure with LED Lamp
3:40 Remove Sticky Layer
4:10 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:

  • Crystal Pixie Cute Mood – SWAROVSKI
  • Pro-Formance Adhere – AKZÈNTZ

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