BLING IT UP! – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

Suzie shares designs that add Bling to your nails – and it takes less than 5 minutes to do! In this video Suzie adds some spectacular sparkle with Pixie Dust Gems.

0:26 Swarovski Crystal Pixie
0:51 Buff the Acrylic Nail bed
1:09 Paint on Builder Gel
1:55 Pour on Crystal Pixie
2:34 Make sure Crystal Pixie is placed how you want it
3:25 Cure with LED Lamp
3:40 Remove Sticky Layer
4:10 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:

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  1. What is the brand of brush used in this video? It's so pretty.

  2. beautiful for my wedding clients

  3. when you clean up the tacky layer of gel.. does the solution stain the pixie?

  4. Please add ability to pin in Pinterest. Thanks! ?

  5. Wow you're so lucky in Mauritius we don't have these

  6. Hi Suzie, what would you charge for the addition of the crystals at the end of the appointment? I always feel guilty asking for more $ at the end so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  7. The pixie dust is very expensive, how much would you charge your client for one Nail? Curious Tech. Needs to know. Thank you ?

  8. One point ☝️ when I do this I do it with a different way.,, put all your tiny ball on a little container that you can deep your finger and you prosee to the step ??

  9. Beautiful! Since you didn't topcoat this, how long did the crystals stay on?

  10. I have to say.. Swarovski.. Genius. They took all their leftover bits and shavings from making their crystals, and bottled it! Pure genius. Less waste, and a good profit to boot. They are one of my absolute favorite companies for my hobbies. Nails, cards, jewelry making, anything that needs a good shiny crystal accent, I go for Swarovski. ^_^ So much love for your videos, Suzie! ???

  11. Suzie you are soooo cute ?❤ I really enjoy your videos they are not only informative but also entertaining!!! Keep up the good work ??

  12. I can't even get my nails painted w/ out getting nail polish on the side of my finger!!

  13. OMG SUZIE this is an old video but don't put your led lamp over your gel bottle opened like that ! You are gonna ruin it !

  14. Am I the only one who got these cheap off eBay? Seriously Swarovski is just a fancy name for glass.

  15. what will happen if I did this then put a top coat in the crystals and cured it again? I want to do that for extra security ?

  16. i hope it's not offensive in any way because i think she's pretty,lol.. you look like valerie bertinelli

  17. how can I get you to do my nails? lol

  18. >say it will be a 5 minute tip
    >actually gets it done with time to spare


  19. these are so beautiful!! Sadly I had those last time, and without realising I scratched the inside of my glasses with them :'D Silly me not thinking about it beforehand

  20. Hi Susie,have you done a video on dual forms ?,I'd love to know what you think of them.Thanks.

  21. I like the middle finger nail as the accent nail…

    You know your wife is mad at you when you get the accent nail. hahaha.

  22. Hi, I need to know how to remove the crystal pixie of nails.

  23. can you do more of these?? I love them and you so much

  24. what is favorite holographic nail polish?

  25. this design is simple, elegant, sweet and oh so gorgeous.
    i imagine the swavorski crystals pixie dust must be expensive though!

  26. OK so I just looked for the pixie dust. very expensive in uk. I'd love to do this.

  27. literally its so beautiful it hurts


  29. I was cringing when she had the UV light over the bottle of gel…. I hope it didn't ruin it

  30. I love to see how passionate and excited you are about a manicure. you're so inspirational ??

  31. Does anyone know a way to do this on natural nails, without using gel?

  32. Great video! Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this!

  33. Have been following you for quite some time and I love your channel!! Been wearing nails for 30+ years and I am really into nail art as well as the technical skill of creating the nail. I live in the Kansas City area and recently found an amazing nail tech that does every single thing that you do and I am crazy in love with her!! Her techniques and skills are off the chain and I am blessed beyond belief to have found her. I would come see you without a doubt, but Canada is just a little too far. Ha! She even looks like you! She follows you too, and it was so exciting to discover someone that knew what I was talking about when I brought you into the nail conversation. She has the Pixie Dust and we will do this soon. Thank you so very very much for all of your videos and sharing your creative ideas, the newest products and your passion. You are gifted beyond measure, Princess Nail Fairy!!!

  34. Does that leave the nail texture rough and cause the little crystals to shed off with no top coat? It's beautiful I just wonder if it would last through hair washing and such

  35. How much would it cost to get those nails done

  36. What polish is this please??

  37. How much would u charge a client to add this ? I always have a problem with prices 🙁

  38. I just got a mani because my nails needed it. I got gel nails, but the point is that now they are healthy so I can do them properly myself.

  39. Just love you ! You are such a excellent educator and you are so passionate

  40. Dear Suzie, I love this design sooooo much. It's so elegant and detailed. I bought this cute mood crystals and I'm totally in love…. today i worked with these crystals and honestly I'm speechless… i can watch them the hole day 😀 thank you very much for sharing this (I hope you can follow this I'm from the Netherlands)

  41. Hi, do you always use gel to stick gems on? I've used nail glue before but i find the gems only stay on for a day. I see many other artists who cover an entire nail with gems and think how the heck do they stay on!

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