Blue Chrome Over Mauve Gel Polish

Suzie shows how to create a ‘fairy god-mother’ Nail Design by using a Blue Chrome Powder over Mauve Gel Polish. A simple yet jaw-dropping look.

Products used in this video:
You’re Such a Budapest by O•P•I Here
UV No Wipe Top Coat by UGLY DUCKLING Here
Chrome Nail Powders by LIN DECORATION Here
Cuticle Oil by Exclusive Nail Couture Here


  1. gorgeous! i love all your videos! really appreciate the quality video and production. not sure the kit from Lin is worth $120, but this shade is def. stunning!

  2. What type of lamp is better UV or LED?

  3. Looks more lavender-ish.

  4. So I use a square of parchment paper (or wax paper) under my hands when applying the pigment powders so that I can pour the access back into the little tub. Waste not, want not. ??

  5. I LOVE your glasses!! What brand are they or how can I find them? I tried searching but I'm having no luck!

  6. Suzie, I adore you. These nails ain't bad either.

  7. Love how gorgeous and simple this is! P.s who else would die to have Suzie as their fairy godmother! lol (:

  8. Love the vids just started watching. Coming from Jenna marbles channel ?? ps how does she keep her hands looking so soft and nice

  9. "I think i want to try this!"
    Checks link to chrome powders in description

  10. I dont even care about nails but I watch your videos for stress relief. I wish you would do books on tape or something, you voice is so relaxing and calming to me.

  11. I love the way how she apply the nail polish on her nails so relaxing and satisfying that's why I always watch ur videos Suzie 🙂 :/

  12. I love your videos! You should do a, " what chrome colors should go on top of what colors" video!!!

  13. These are the prettiest nails I have ever seen! Sometimes I wish I didn't love rock climbing so much so I could go crazy with mine. Watching your videos will have to do!

  14. I'm going for my first nail appointment tomorrow because I've been so inspired by your videos. Can't get acrylics because I'm a pianist and it will be a nightmare to play but I am getting gel polish.

  15. Hurt analyst sister come no gene steel surgery yes.

  16. EEEPS! I'm living for this look!

  17. So did she have really acrylic nail or a fake nail before the gel? Or is it her natural nail?


  19. that is my ultimate favorite nail color! love, love it soooo much! ❤❤??

  20. what nail lamp does she use??

  21. I would love to see how that would look matte

  22. I've been watching your videos all day! Love them all and this color is just great to look at. Love chromes, and the matte polish is awesome.

  23. Beautiful love that colour! Tfs 🙂

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