Blue Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial

Hey guys! Here’s a blue eye look because I haven’t done a blue eyelook in 4 months. It seriously feels like not that long ago but time flies I guess. I hope you like how it came out ♡ Big Hug!!! X


  • ⇢ The Shadow Shields I used are available here
  • ⇢ Morphe 35B Eye Palette
  • ⇢ Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette
  • ⇢ Makeup Geek White lies and Boo Berry Eyeshadows.
  • ⇢ Makeup Geek Atlantis and Telepathic Foiled Pigments
  • ⇢ MAC Pro longwear concealer
  • ⇢ Sigma Beauty Wicked Gel Eyeliner
  • ⇢ The Balm Scuba Mascara
  • ⇢ MAC Mixing Medium Gel
  • ⇢ Certifeye White Glitter
  • Annytude SNOBBY Lashes Code: AN to get discount 15% Discount

Love you guys! ♡


  1. Hey guys! Here's a blue eye look because I haven't done a blue eyelook since 4 months. It seriously feels like not that long ago but time flies I guess. I hope you like how it came out ♡ Big Hug!!! X

  2. i wish she wrote the brushes she's using in the description box

  3. Hi An, I like the eye with the glitter!

  4. God i love your videos. You gave me life with them

  5. this is very brilliant i must say!

  6. I don't have the money for all this lmao

  7. Flawless ??…shimmer at end gave your look an extra bang ?

  8. awesome work mam..
    have any workshop pls update me… I wish to learn more from you..

  9. You're simple the best !! Thanks for teaching us all ???

  10. this look is so beautiful!! you deserve so many more subscribers, you're insanely talented!! 🙂

  11. All items came in and didn't have morphe 35B. Lost for words but it want take long to come in. Zoeva palette stunning and makeup geek such beautiful colors. With your help know what to use with what. Thanks

  12. dilemma German face shop standard gather racism slam Palestinian audience.

  13. You are fantastic!!! I love your make up!!! It look so gorgeous!!! Really good work! I love all your tutorials!! ❤

  14. Absolutly the loveliest eye looks.

  15. Make a video about your top makeup brushes ? sometimes i have to go back to certain videos of yours just to get the name of the brushes that you recommended. It would be so much easier to got to one video for future reference.
    i bought the mac 242 brush and it changed my life when it comes to packing eyeshadow wet/dry.. all the ways you said i could use this brush are on point for me. Thanks you are the best ❤?

  16. You really are the best!!!! ❤❤❤

  17. i like how you do your makeup its a lot easier to follow your tips. YOUR really good, i love all your looks, you have amazing work!

  18. This is gorgeous An! You can only be surpassed by yourself!??

  19. I'd like to see a look without the regular black wing and water line. Maybe a smoked out maroon winged liner… or a smokey warm yellow eye look! ?

  20. I just noticed she rolls her eyes to the back of her head every time she blinks and the end of her blink closes so slowly and it freaks me out?

  21. W0w What A Eye Make-Up Hats 0ff 2 Uh Girl…!

  22. I love the look both ways! The glitter just gives it the extra pop which I love! Your eye looks are stunning.

  23. The version with the glitter is better.

  24. Recreating this look as we speak, hopefully it turns out even half of hers tho

  25. You are amazing. Beautifully done for the millionth time ??

  26. na dekhe eto nipun vabe make up ki kore korche?is it possible FARIBA AHSAN UPOMA

  27. Please list what brushes you are using. For beginners like me.

  28. i find your accent adorable. beautiful look good job!!!

  29. i love ur looks but d colours ar too much to memorize

  30. I love how you explain everything so well specially for us girls that are not so good on makeup thank you !!! ?new subscriber

  31. I think has to be my favorite look by far. You're so talented. I enjoy watching your videos so much ???

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