Blue Smokey Eyes Tutorial


  1. Hey Cuties ♥️ Welcome back to my YouTube Channel. Let me start of by saying how happy I am that I hit 500K subscribers ?? thank you all so much for the support. It means the WORLD! I receive so much love and in the comments and it brings joy in my life. Much love for each and all of you! Hope you enjoy this Smokey Eye ?

  2. Wow midnight eyes! Beautiful:)

  3. I really wanna try this but I'll look like a raccoon ?

  4. wow! this is my favourite colour!

  5. Wow your use of colours are amazing talented lady ?

  6. Hii i loved ur videos and u do awsome eye makeup and please it is a request from ur fan? to please write down the products which u use it plz

  7. Beautiful ❤️ it is still a pleasure to look at your videos. Thank you An for an the awesome inspiration. Hugs Claudia

  8. I absolutely LOVE this look !!!! ???

  9. Beautiful!!! Love the blues! Looking for a mermaid ?‍♀️ look for Mardi Gras by early February 2018, if possible!!! Needs to be seen from top row of a parade float to the street!!! Blues, greens, teals, purples, pinks.

  10. U should do a full face tutorial!

  11. ???i love it..?? can you please do a tutorial with dark greens and glitter??? thank you so much.. you are awesome..

  12. She is truly talented I live for her videos❤❤

  13. An, can you ppppplllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee do a hot pink/bubblegum pink glitter glam AF with NO wing liner, full face look please and keep all steps in, including brows and lash application !?!?! Pretty please??

    This look was amazing!! You never fail to leave me absolutely stunned! Loveeee youuuuu!! ??????

  14. I think you should show your entire face in your videos, anyone else agree?

  15. كلش حلوو استمري بلتوفيق ??

  16. Arabic makeup look ?????

  17. STUNNINGLY Gorgeous!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????????

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