Blush Rose Blonde Hair Transformation

Do you like JKissa new hair color? I mixed Guy Tang #Mydentity Naked and Silver Smoke and Rose Gold colors. Have you tried the #Mydentity Naked Collection yet?

  • You can get it online  or at Cosmoprof and in-stores Armstrong McCall and Cosmoprof


  1. You making better world with all this amazing products!! This brand have to be Number one all over the globe some day because we have everything with you! Best teacher, best products, best quality, best tutorials. Thanks you again master.

  2. I’m from the UK & I would kill for you to do my hair!! Your a hair genius!!
    If you have any tips on how to look after fried bleached hair I’d love it! ❤️

  3. I love how him and the client always go out to lunch

  4. Love your color line. I've had so much fun playing with it!

  5. I am literally doing this color on my hair next month! I'm obsessed with this look.

  6. Such an inspiration you guys! Cudos from Russia 😉 Muah!

  7. Youre the best One and Beast in the color, I love your combination, there amazing, I follow you recently bur Im teaching each day, Thanks Guy good bless you .

  8. he looks so cute with his hair clipped back.

    this is all i could think of when i commented this. haha
    "you look hot with your hair pushed back"
    – regina george

  9. That's seriously an amazing color. I never thought that rose/pink hair could look so natural. It's truly gorgeous.

  10. That is the best brownie brittle ever…sooooo good…

  11. nice….just a pity that the life- span is SO short…..just a few washes, however, they do fade beautifully…..

  12. O my god this hair transformation is amazing

  13. i really like the lunch time talk during the videos !!

  14. one of my favorite cuts and colors

  15. I love this hair color I need this

  16. It’s so true about fake friends!! They always want to take advantage of you! But at least we don’t loose our identity, we stay true to ourselves! I’ll be anyone’s friend!

  17. i've been following you since my teenager started, i remember sent you a message on facebook and you replied!! i loved your arts, and still, and always will!!

  18. bought my dye in chestnut violet color but then it turned to this color instead lmao now i know the name of it!

  19. New to your channel. And love it! Looking to become a hairdresser next year do you have any advice?? 🙂 currently a stay at home mum 🙂

  20. ugh I LOVE YOU!!!! It is my goal to have my hair done by you at least once in my life lol

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video, as I love all of your videos of course! Im hoping to use 7RG on the ends of my hair as I’ve currently got blonde dip dye! Cannot wait to start trying out your products!❤️❤️❤️

  22. You truly said it all…some people only attach themselves in order to see what they can get from you…but then there are people that come along that truly have your back! Forever your Canadian Hair Bestie # 1 XX

  23. Show us a brunette to pink transformation!

  24. Again, looove you’re message and you’re so down to earth!!

  25. Guy I'm 37years old you think going pastel pink or lavender is a crazy leap????

  26. hello i just want to ask what kind of hair color is right for my pale skin tone?
    i hope u can help me ??

  27. Its time to creat a wig line with all ur fab colors..?

  28. Really enjoyed the end montage! It really showed the dimensions of the color!

  29. I've totally been thinking about this color!! The spa I work at just ordered this color.

  30. Spoke truth, Guy Tang. Real friends are authentic. Absolutely loving this color and how they blend. Amazing!! Love your videos forever!!

  31. I WANT YOU TP DO MY HAIR!!! HOW DO I GO ABOUT THIS?? HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST???? Please respond… I hope you see this❤❤❤❤❤ I freaking love you… I will travel if I have to

  32. En mexico esperamos lleguen muy pronto

  33. I love your hair tutorials, but I absolutely LOVeD the talk about outgrown friendships!!! I needed that! Thank you ❤️ Guy Tang hair God & Philosopher!

  34. @guy tang what color extensions would match ice gold hair color? Help please!!

  35. Beautiful.. I wish I had nice hair

  36. Speaking on the conversation they were having most people are fake now it's hard to find people who don't have an agenda

  37. Absolutely my all time favorite color, formulation and video of yours!! There's nothing I don't LOVE about this tutorial…I love the true, authentic, nakedness 🙂

  38. This is honestly how I feel all the time. I usually feel used by whatever the reason is and feel like it’s super hard to find that person who wants to be with you for the same reason you want to be with them. You put the words in my mouth. You should only be friends with the people who expects nothing

  39. That conversation was so real, you're amazing and talented god bless you.

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