Bobby Pin Tips and Tricks

Here are some bobby pin tips and tricks! This little bobbypin how to / tutorial should help you whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

So today we’re talking about how to use bobby pins, including a couple bobby pin hacks (the one at the end is my favorite!). I hope this helps you with your hair styling and helps you follow my hair tutorials more. Ask any questions in the comments! I’d love to make more Bobby Pin hair tutorials. We just scratched the surface today!

(Side note: Do any of you call them hair grips? I’ve heard them called that before, but I was never sure where that came from!)

Products Mentioned

  • MetaGrip Premium Bobby Pins
  • MetaGrip Premium Roller Pins

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  • Romper: Nordstrom Rack


  1. Now that we have the very basics covered, let me know what things you want to learn how to do with bobby pins!

  2. Thanks a lot Kayley that really helped us alot ????????

  3. Barbie? Is that you?
    Jk, but you are so pretty and you seem to be a super pleasant person. ❤️❤️

  4. new subscriber here.I'd like to some gym hairstyles using bobby pins.. Thats sounds very interesting

  5. I watched so many videos on Bobby pin but i cud understand how to use it only through ur video.. thankeww

  6. Yes more tutorials for bobby pins…any suggestions for us baby fine thin haired gals

  7. Hi! My main issue with bobby pins is when I wrap hair around the top of a pony tail or the the end of a braid to cover the elastic…. It NEVER stays! Or…. Sometimes the bp stays, but the hair does NOT. PLEASE HELP!!!

  8. THIS WAS SOOO HELPFUL! I've never even heard of these life hacks! ^^

  9. This videos was fantastic. I loved how you showed how to pin them in your hair. That is the part I always struggled with. And the jumbo Bobby pin is a good idea for my long thick hair. Thanks for being my go to hair tutorial youtuber!!?

  10. Thank you so much !!!

  11. more bobby pin tips, please! i am clueless! this was awesome!!!

  12. The lock it down tip is my fave. Works every time !

  13. 100% more bobby pin tricks!! This was brilliant ?

  14. Yes Kayley I need a full series of using bobby pins. Especially with a bun and using no elastic. ??

  15. Ha…I never knew what side should face up. I've been doing it wrong for…nah, not telling my age~ lol

  16. I just want to let you know that this video was a game changer for me. I can now put a bun in with two bobby pins, and no one can see them. The little bit of hair and scraping the scalp tips were key.

  17. love videos about basic tips and tricks! and also tips for natural hair – curly, frizzy hair styles without any styling tools.

  18. That was so helpful! More bobby pin videos please 🙂

  19. Do more bobby pins tips and tricks please love it and lear news i will try them

  20. more booby pin vids pls 😉

  21. Loved this tutorial! I would love to see more on securing buns with bobby pins and such. I've always had a hard time putting buns in my hair…even the simplest kind. I have very thick hair (and it's quite long) and when I do finally succeed in putting up a bun, it doesn't feel very secure and it feels like I have 10 pounds on my head.

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