Bohemian Braid Hair Tutorial

I hope you all like this bohemian messy ponytail look! Let me know if you want to see more hair tutorials in the comments below! Love you guys!!


  1. Can you do more hair tutorials?

  2. where did you get your necklace?!

  3. Girl!!! You sound so much more like le chrisspy here mixed with an extra white girl!!!! Omg i cant ???.

  4. Love it. Please check out my new Victorias Secret inspired hair wave tutorial xo

  5. Love this look, so cute!! I'm going to try it. 🙂

  6. I'm so obsessed with the intro, can't stop replaying it ;-;

  7. I'm doing this tomorrow as a workout hairstyle.???❤️

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Inside and out Desi

  9. Does anyone know, where she got her necklace from?

  10. Love love love this! Definitely going to try this tomorrow (today I did you "half pony-tail" video. Love these videos 🙂

  11. You look like the blond version of Kim Kardashian

  12. Loved this hair tutorial!!! More more more!!!

    please ^_^

  13. I'm sooo surprised by how easy it is! When I started the video I was like "Omg it looks so beautiful but it will be so complicated to do…" And finally, that is stunning AND simple! Thank you Desi !

  14. everything looks amazing on you, it's almost weird 😛 <3

  15. i saw this video, thought it was hard to do but turns out its super simple! thanks so much

  16. I love your hair tutorials!!!!

  17. This hair style reminds me so much of Serena Van Der Woodsen, I love it!

  18. you are so beautiful !! good video, xx

  19. can you make a video of how you colord your hair? it's so beautiful

  20. Can you do a french braid tutorial? I know you said you were slow but your fishtail braid video was the first time I actually was able to do it! I think you'll explain it really well.

  21. Channeling Blake Lively ugh I love

  22. U make it look so easy. After a while my arm starts to hurt n i just get pissed

  23. I loooooooved that you didnt french braid because I suck at it! Gorgeous look!

  24. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Beyonce?

  25. Just watched this video. OMG! I needed something different other then standard ponytail. Its hotter then you know where and its only June, needed cute easy hair styles that look great. Thanks so much!

  26. her first time curling her hair with a flat iron and it comes out so perfect but when I do it it comes out shitty as hell and I've been doing it for years

  27. desi, are you a natural blonde?

  28. can you do a hair care routine?
    and if you could to write the nr and the hair color that you use to achieve the hair colour you have?
    lol from vienna xx

  29. Como Se Llama La Cancion De Fondo??

  30. How do you get all the different backgrounds?

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