Bohemian Half Updo with Just 4 Braids!

Glad to be back!! I wanted to do a short sweet video to get back into the swing of things. I hope you like it!

β˜…What I’m Using:β˜…

  • Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray*
  • Nume Titan 3 Curling Iron – Get 50% off the NuMe Website until 9/30 with link and code SAVE50


  1. your hair is so beautiful…

  2. dont understand y they like loose wave soo much tight curls are more cute,i mean what's the use of curling hair and then lose the curls ,just my opinion.

  3. Perfect! This style can help me with my bohemian attire for my high school party night by the end month of february thanks:)

  4. I wish I could do cool hairdos like this, but I have really fine hair :'(

  5. I'm so glad I found your channel!

  6. Can you do some hairstyles inspired by Kate Middleton??

  7. LOVE you videos so much keep up the good work

  8. I wish I had so much hair to do this style >_<

  9. I love your hairstyles however – I've tried a lot of them – my hair seems to be too thick or too layered or it's just too much πŸ˜€ I think there are no bobby pins in this world that may keep it in place so I always have to leave out a few steps and do my own version of it, but I still love watching your videos, cause there are very inspiring and your hairstyles are so pretty. keep up the good work and i can't wait to see your new filming background wall/shelf something

  10. could you please do a tutorial on your makeup it always looks perfect and stunning

  11. Could you please do a video on the best hairstyles for the different face shapes?

  12. I love this!! And I love that you're getting back to it! Baby steps, girl, baby steps! Fighting anxiety feels like an uphill battle but YOU. GOT. THIS.

  13. This looks really cute! I'm going to try it on my short hair and see how it turns out.

  14. You're so beautiful. ? And you're hair looks so gorgeous and healthy. How do you keep you're hair so healthy? ?

  15. So creative!! I love your vids Kayley!

  16. soooo pretty!!!!! can you please do your haircare routine?

  17. Can you do a video on frizzy hair tips?

  18. I miss braids since I chopped off my hair. Such a gorgeous boho look.

  19. ????☺️ I will try it! I love your videos ?❀️

  20. I can't wait to prove it in my hair!

  21. I can't wait to prove it in my hair!

  22. I can never do anything like this because my hair is way too layered :/

  23. Ahhh in love with braid! Going to have to put in my LuxyHair to recreate this! xx

  24. Ahhh in love with braid! Going to have to put in my LuxyHair to recreate this! xx

  25. I would love to try that but I have as much hair as you have in one braid πŸ˜€

  26. Advice? My hair never seems to do what I want it to. It's straight, thick, and super fine. Until I got an automatic curler, heat wouldn't hold in my hair, either. Any tips, tricks, or suggestions on what I can do to make my hair-styling life easier?

  27. This is so pretty ?? I always want to do cute hairstyles for school but instead I just clip it back ?

  28. This is too cute!! And something I think I can handle, haha πŸ™‚

  29. So pretty!! I'm so glad you're back!!

  30. This so cute! Def trying it out

  31. Loved this look!?Pleaseeee do a hair care routine video?

  32. It is nice, But you are much nicer when you haven't done anything πŸ™‚

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