Boho Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle!

You guys asked for a tutorial so here it is! I hope you love it and try it out!

Products Used:

  • NuMe Megastar Straightener*

I’m wearing 3 wefts of extensions in the nape of my neck to add a little volume. They’re the Foxy Locks superior set that I’ve dyed to match my hair.

Love you guys!


  1. This is so nice!! Love this hairstyle and your background

  2. Loved the back background!!!! As well as the hairstyle!!!

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my hairstyle for tonight! thanks Kayley!

  4. I love your videos!! Ever sense I've been watching them i have gotten soooo many complements on my hair thanks!!!

  5. Where is the "love" button? Why isn't there one? This is perfection. I'm hoping to have something similar done for my boho, laid back vintage wedding in a few months!

  6. I simply love this hairstyle! Thank you for showing.

  7. Excellent hairstyle! Thank you for all the great ideas 😀

  8. Can we put on hair extensions with this hair do or no ?

  9. Love it perfect for my graduation

  10. Do you get compliments on your hairstyles everywhere you go?

  11. This is so pretty, definitely gonna try it!

  12. +kayleymelissa can you give some tips on how to grow voluminous hair ?

  13. your hair is amazing!! congratulations! i love your channel

  14. could you do a half up half down hairstyle from the wedding planner?

  15. I love your videos! I just have one question for you: my confirmation is coming up, and Id really like to curl my hair(I usually do updos), but my hair holds curl really bad, and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make them stay in longer?

  16. Kayley, you're hair is amazing, you're gorgeous and I LOVE your hair tutorials !
    We want Game of Thrones inspired hair tutorial pleaaaase!

  17. Brigitte bardot hair tutorial please:)

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