BOMB Glow in the Dark Thanksgiving nails!

Hi family!

I hope you all enjoy this video, I was hoping to get the glow in the dark effect on Camera but it wasn’t possible 🙁


  1. Such a pretty&cool design….love it so much ??????

  2. Finally! Been waiting for this nail video forever! Please upload more consistently! !

  3. What is the safest way to take fake nails off?

  4. Love you girl ❤️❤️❤️

  5. ?Can you come do my nails?!Lol!

  6. Omg super cute

  7. Really i dont like it cant understan what you are trying to do?

  8. Omg love these nails thank you that you made them on your own hand shows a lot how you carefully you can do it cuz doing my own hand can be hella hard lol well maybe cuz I’m a beginner… but love ❤️ this video

  9. Finally a nail tech who hasn’t forgotten about thanksgiving???Everyone jumped straight into Christmas after Halloween

  10. I love your personality and those nails are so pretty! I love the glitter fade and that shape is really nice!

  11. Oh I love this set! I have you're supernova acrylic and I absolutely love it! I did another set with them I'll have to post them and tag you.

  12. So awesome ??❤❤ I love this set!!!

  13. Wow! These nails are so beautiful and amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️?

  14. Amazing?? can you do a video on how to shape coffin nails with tips

  15. Absolutely gorgeous set! I love these colors.

  16. You had me at glow in the dark

  17. First! Hi one question? Can you do a video on how to carefully cut the cuticles?

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