Bombshell Makeup Tutorial ♡ | Jaclyn Hill

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  • Brown now greasepaint stick
  • creme brulee e/s – makeup geek
  • Garnet e/s
  • Cocoa Bear e/s – Makeup geek
  • Coppering e/s
  • Smolder eye kohl
  • Black e/s
  • nude e/s
  • Makeup Forever HD – 123
  • Anastasia Brow wiz – soft brown
  • Pro Longwear concealer NW20
  • Emphasize MAC pro highlighter
  • Shroom e/s
  • Bobbi Brown bronzer – golden light
  • Lancome hypnose
  • MAC peaches blush
  • Hard Candy – Tiki
  • Costa Riche eye kohl
  • Kardashian Khroma Joystick – babydoll & Au Natural
  • Urban Decay setting spray – Chill

Everyone is curious about why I said I was skeptical about the hard candy highlighter due to the mineral oil. Mineral oil is a very harsh oil, & very inexpensive for a reason. it is known to cause rashes, dry skin, clogged pores & aging. People say that mineral oil has been linked to cancer. (don’t quote me, that’s just what i’ve heard. look it up for yourself) Mechanics use it when repairing cars. I personally don’t want to put the same oil they use on cars, on my face.


  1. It’s crazy to come back and see this video again. You have come so far and as a viewer I am just so proud of how far you have come as a person and you tuber. Thank you for being you! This video was the beginning of teaching me how to do make up! I learned how to do make up by watching your videos! I remember stealing my moms drug store make up and having to use paint brushes as eye shadow brushes trying to create this look! It’s sooo crazy! Thank you Jaclyn! You’re beautiful and I love you!

  2. Oh my god it broke! Slames it down….

  3. This was the first video I watched from Jaclyn. I remember it pooping up on Pinterest and I loved the beauty look! I kinda miss this kitchen lmao

  4. This is still my favorite!!!! ♥️?♥️?♥️?♥️?

  5. DAMN GURL!!!!!! I really enjoyed how close you filmed your videos back in the days, that alone Has teach me so so much, I often look at you’re earlier videos (notice how I didn’t want to use the O.. word ??) and try to slay your look? you’re so so beautiful and I absolutely love your Goofy personality ??????

  6. this was the first video I ever saw of her back for my senior prom! love it

  7. Can you seriously do another look like this. I love love love this!!!! Makes me wanna go into my room and try this haha but I don’t have the same eye shadows but a girl can try right ?❤️

  8. remember when jaclyn was crazy about MAC omg good times lol

  9. But the lorac pro palette has mineral oil in it

  10. I'm going through your old videos for like the 100th time!! I remember I started watching your videos when I was like 13 and I've learned so much!! I think I've came a long way. You're my role model❤️

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. This is stunning! I hope i can create this look.

  13. I love jaclyns old makeup tutorials so much! I just feel like they were more informative on how to apply and her angles of filming here honestly are better for me to learn to re create like areas to apply each shade /brush strokes ect.. now all I see more then anything is just product pushing.. still love her tho either way 🙂

  14. I can't use eyeshadows with mineral oil.
    Morphe palettes contain mineral oil ?

  15. best eyelook ever… i'm a homebody but definitely planning a nightout ASAP just to wear this look

  16. Jaclyn, I adore your mad skills !! Makeup question – I se you using the peach smoothie a lot as transition- I am super fair (pink undertone w ever so slight tint o yellow) , blue eyes, white blonde hair, burn in the sun in a nano second.

    Peaches and pinks and rust near my eyes make me look tired. Purples are incredible, greys, taupe greys, silver, some coppers work great on me but what would you suggest I try for a nude-like color for one with my coloring?

    I feel a wee limited having so few colors that work and want to mix things up, want to add some contrasting shadows, some on the lighter side. Any suggestions? I love MUFE shadows. Would M532 be one I might be able to pull off? Would totally appreciate your thoughts – Thanks

  17. Hey Jaclyn! Loved how you mentioned some affordable products that could be used in place of the higher end products that you used for this look! Would love for you to do this more. Much love <3

  18. Have you ever done a younique tutorial?????

  19. Ahhh the good old days when you could rub things around with any brush, any pencil brush was ok, you could smoke things out with any smudgy brush, it didn't matter which blush brush you used cuz they're all the same and all these brands have the same brushes and any blending brush would do… now Morphe is the brush god.

  20. jacklyn can you help a sister out with hooded eyes? it would be nice to see you do makeup on someone with hooded eyes

  21. Forever going to my favourite makeup look ????

  22. This is probably my favorite look EVER!!!!!!! ?

  23. Who's still watching in 2017?

  24. The first video I ever watched of you! I was on Pinterest and the thumbnail interested me and it was a link to this video. I then decided to binge watch each of your videos then! This was idk 4 years ago??? Haha love to see you succeed and get better every time????

  25. now that you have spoken about your struggles you have gone through in the past, this video is amazing to watch in comparison to your newer videos ! you had so much pain but happiness showed itself still. I love you so much. you are an idol to me. and you such an inspiration. way to go girl.

  26. back before highlighting was so important that you called it a bronzer. LOVE THIS LOOK?

  27. I have hooded eyes so im wondering if it's best not to go as high with the eyeliner? I typically try to keep eyeliner as close to my lash line as possible, so should I continue to do that for smokey eyes?

  28. I'm confused about what she said about the highlighter. What's bad about mineral oil? Is she allergic to it or is it bad for our skin?

  29. Why did I just get a notification about this?


  31. I USED TO LIVE BY THIS LOOK 3 YEARS AGO. GOOD TIMES. ? but seriously… I did this all the time. And the garnet on the lower lash line… was my signature because of this. ???

  32. Love when she used to do ALL KINDS OF LOOKS

  33. Went on website for brushes, but there are too many. Could you please let me know what brand and numbers of each brand you use. Excellent videos, and easy to follow. Love them all.


  35. Where do u get all of your fabulous earrings?!?!

  36. You used to do videos religiously. :/

  37. Ur eye color is absolutely gorgeous

  38. What is another alternative for the brown now greasepaint stick? Other than maybelline because I can't find the maybelline dupe anywhere in stores! And I really want to re-create this look!

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