Born This Way Foundation | First Impressions

Heeeeyyyy guys! sorry if I look super dead and different in the beginning, I was super tired and didn’t get enough sleep! But.. What did you guys think of my new first impressions video? Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Honestly LOOOOOVVVVVEEE this Too Faced Born This Way Foundation sooo much!
A bit pricey, but worth every penny!
If you have any other product/s that you would like for me to do a first impressions/review/demo of, let me know in the comment section!


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  1. what lipstick are you wearing??

  2. you are so beautiful! What skin tone do you have? i have so hard to find right foundation for me 🙁

  3. what other products did you use . to finish the look . lips powder . eyes ect ?

  4. I also have born this way foundation and the loreal infallible and they are NOWHERE near similar this is my favorite foundation by far

  5. first time i saw your channel and fell inlove! Filipina here 🙂 i just sub, maybe you wanna sub back on my channel as well? thanks beauty.. ♥

  6. The way she did makeup is too far she's just looks too fake like accept who you are makeup was made to enhance your facial features not make you look like a freaking painting that is not the porpoise of makeup

  7. Your so pretty❤️❤️❤️

  8. do you have dry skin or oily skin?
    (I have dry skin and I wanna see if this foundation will fit me!)

  9. Honey thats waaay too light for you! Maybe you should go with a shade or two darker for the foundation to match your tan!

  10. YOUR EYESHADOW! Amazing insert heart eye emoji please post a video on how you did that make up look

  11. Can you please try smashbox studio skin

  12. whats your ethnicity? you're stunning

  13. Does anyone know what shade of this foundation she was using? Your help would be great ty!

  14. I feel like every person I see uses waaaay too much product. I think 2 pumps across your whole face should be enough if you don't concentrate it in one area. But that's my opinion only.

  15. Just letting you know that a little bit of that foundation goes a LONG way and I think I saw you use 2 pumps on each side of your face. Lol okay that was the only thing. Love your channel btw??

  16. great video? do you have oily skin?

  17. I'm so glad I found your channel because you sound like a sweet girl and super gorgeous ????

  18. Following you on everything you are so gorgeous ???

  19. You should have went a shade darker. I think it would have covered better. it looks a tad light. #you'rebeautiful

  20. omg, youre gorgeousss. love the content of your videos too 🙂 subbed!
    what camera do you use ??

  21. I'm not sure if it's just me, but for some reason this foundation does not apply nicely at all with my beauty blender ?

  22. I just saw ur channel I wanted to know ur shade…


  24. What color is it? your laugh is so cute!

  25. What are you wearing on your lips? I must know pls :[ your makeup is gorgeous ? !

  26. You are so pretty,,, please advise where i can get the earrings. Tks

  27. honestly you're so beautiful with and without makeup

  28. what is the lipcolor you're wearing????? it's soooo nice

  29. Omg this first impression video was so helpful ? but what type of skin do you have ? And what primer did you use ? ?

    Ps. Loveeee your make up ! ?

  30. So naturally beautiful, you are 🙂

  31. This is a perfect match and beautiful on you. It does look like skin on video.

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