Hi my loves!!! I hope you all had an AMAZING weekend!!! This video was supposed to go up friday but this weekend was SO hectic. I literally had 0 time to edit so unfortunately it had to go up today!! I appreciate you all being patient with me!! I will update you in my next video 🙂 I leave for London on wednesday for some top secret project i’ve been working on for the past 8 months!!! I am SOOOO excited to finally announce it. Stay tuned :D:D XOXO Carli

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  2. Omg definitely going to try this!! I love that you have long thick hair like me so I know it will work on my hair

  3. I really want to do this BUT I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH HAIR ?????

  4. i tried a bun like this before and thought oh you fold ur hair the bun kept coming undone and i realised i was doing it wrong all this time, just tried it this way and was like omg what have i been doing

  5. it worked and it's super cute

  6. I thought she said "I've had some issues with my titties" lolz

  7. I skipped the into and just thought she was doing two buns. When she finished and pulled out all her hair from behind her I was just like What Who How? Where'd that come from…

  8. This is HARD! I swear, it took me an hour to do and I couldn't even do it!

  9. this is so cute thx for teaching us

  10. This took me an hour to do and they were really wonky… HOW DO YOU DO IT SO EASILY?

  11. omg your so pretty you look like Kylie Jenner or even prettier

  12. you thinkmy bf said ypu are ???????????????????

  13. I can't even do PROPERLY I look like from cartoon " night in the garden"

  14. this video actually helped me?

  15. Maybe you could do a version including extensions

  16. This style didn't work at all for thin hair

  17. do you have a tutorial for this makeup look? love your videos!!

  18. Hey im new to your channel your really great at doing hair styles subscribed to you (:

  19. You just saved my life for this concert in LA I'm going to tonight lol love you

  20. this girl at my school wore this and someone made fun of her i felt so bad

  21. I literally love how your talking normally while doing your hair ?❤❤❤❤

  22. I tried this and I thought it looked really cute. but then a guy told me I looked like a devil with "them horns" /: .. ?

  23. Finally someone doing this that has the same amount of hair as me!

  24. Best tutorial on this hairstyle! ??

  25. I want to try this but my hair is super thick and short! My hair won't go into a perfect ponytail! Any tips?

  26. Omg i ttly love this hairstyle so much! I wear it everyyyday

  27. you look so much like gigi gourgeous! both beautiful!

  28. When she pulls back the rest of her hair into the ponytail and has those chunks out it reminded me of Selena gomez's hair in princess protection program ?

  29. her eye colour is different when she was little

  30. Omg thanksss <33 Polish love.

  31. Im doing this hairstyle for work idgaf? it will cheer me up in my paralegal job?

  32. wow she has more surcribers than sapphire

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