Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair Tutorial

It’s finally time for a curly hair tutorial and we’re starting with some braided hairstyles.

Here’s some easy how to’s on hair styles for curly and wavy hair. You guys know I love braids and I think braids + curls are SO beautiful. These are easy with no french braiding and no dutch braiding to keep your curls happy and frizz free. These are a some great ways to leave your hair natural and have it look amazing.

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  1. Yaaaaaaas!!!! I have very curly hair but have used several of your videos. What a great surprise to see that you have one specifically for curls!

  2. These hairstyles look so good on you, but when I try them I just look shitty, because they make my face seem even more round then it already is :/

  3. Wow I really love this hair on you. The boho half up is amazing.

  4. Um that's wavy hair not "curly" tf

  5. Love love love!!! ❤️

  6. The point we are making when we say we can't do any hairstyles is not that we need other ones, but that we actually CAN'T do them. I would love to have my hair down or even in a ponytail and have no volume and beautiful curls, but no matter what I do, my hair still looks like crap. When I go out I have a tight, high bun with tonnes of hairspray and bobby pins.
    Also, no brushing, EVER.

  7. Kayley, I love your hairstyles so so much. You have so much talent! A question, I know it's meant for curly hair, but can these hairstyles be done on straight/slightly wavy hair? I love how these look but I wonder if it will work on me. Much love ❤️???

  8. I am definitely going to need more of these! I've recently fully accepted my curly hair, so I have no idea how to style it. I really need help getting the shorter front pieces out of my face.

  9. I love your hair Channel I watch them all the time and I love your ideas but I have wavy curly hair and sometimes it's hard to do them and seeing now that you have that curly hair wig is there anyway you can please do some more cute summer hairstyles cuz I basically do the same things all the time thank you

  10. My sister's hair is so curly that most days we can't even brush it properly. any of these styles would be lovely on her, do you know any ways to help her manage it?

  11. can you do a french braid tutorial please???

  12. Yaaaaayyyyyyy for naturally curly hairstyles!!! Thank you!!!

  13. "you can even brush your hair out" omg lol, nope nope nope don't brush dry curly hair ever nope so wrong

  14. You should do one for layered hair

  15. Can you do a tips and tricks video on using a diffuser on curly hair?

  16. Do you think you could that crown braid video on all 'your' types of hair? You've done it on the curly and I didn't know if you would show us on your actual hair, the short wig, and the new wig you have coming?

  17. omg those curls are so amazing!!

  18. Can you do tutorials on quick and easy styles for short straight hair for those girls who don't want to curl it?

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