Braided Nail Art

Braided hair? How about braided nails! I wanted to share with you my rendition of this new technique that’s recently become popular! 🙂


  • sally hansen – celeb city
  • essie – trophy wife
  • china glaze – flip flop fantasy


  1. For me, it didn't work out that well…. ended up with a gold explosion on my desk and a weird mermaid design on my nails plus a HUGE GLITTER BOMB all over my dry skin, plus a beaten up, glittery paintbrush. Oh well at last I got my ONE THUMB done… ?

  2. do you have to let it dry every stripe?

  3. I tried this with black, silver and pink, it turned out great and going to do this again but, this tine, as an accent nail for tomorrow!

  4. I did this but I made the lines too narrow

  5. turn down the quality of your microphone! every word with s makes me cringe!

  6. I❤celeb city..? its the only drugstore polish I own??✌

  7. I❤celeb city..? its the only drugstore polish I own??✌

  8. I❤celeb city..? its the only drugstore polish I own??✌

  9. I did this with a gold for the metallic, a blue matte, and a white and it was beautiful ?? I love this nail art!!

  10. What was that third type of polish you listed? You said "A metallic, a neon…" but what was the third one? 0:35

  11. This was made on my aunt's birthdays!

  12. any one co e from the nail art beginnern guide?

  13. can u use more than 3 xolors

  14. What if you Dont have metallic nail polish?

  15. Who's here from the 10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide! video?

  16. WHO is watching this in 2016 too?!??

  17. yes. still have it painted like that. lol

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