Braided Updo Inspired by Nicole Kidman’s Oscars Updo

What I’m wearing:
Nails: Butter London Slapper with a matte topcoat

Eyes: lorac pro palette
Cheeks: Millani Luminoso Blush, Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Powder
Lips: Too Faced La Creme in Marshmallow Bunny and Maybelline Lipgloss


  1. Please recreate jlo's different hair styles… Please!! 🙂

    No. Please don't. I beg of you.

  3. My channel kinda has a tutorial like that on it! Your welcome to watch!

  4. i can't dutch braid the back of my HAIR 🙁

  5. OMG, you're so amazingly beautiful *____*

  6. No but seriously, can you do a tutorial?!

  7. Beautiful, I will be using this!

  8. hai nat 😉 i'm a pro stalker HAHAHA

  9. i knew someone was going to mention that 🙂

  10. Do a tutorial on those waves they are needed!

  11. What did you use to get those curls??!

  12. You know, I've been finding myself coming to your channel every time I need to find something to do with my hair. So thank you!

  13. she said one direction! yesss!

  14. This was great. You're so pretty =)

  15. I have medium length layered hair, what are some cute simple up dos i could do? love the bun <3

  16. Can you do a tutorial on the curly hair you had at the begining of this video???? Please?!!!

  17. How did you do that beachy wave texture?!?!?! IT IS GORGEOUS I NEED IT! tutorial pleaseeee!

  18. I'm not the only one who got excited when she said One Direction, right? 🙂

  19. Tutoriaaaaal for the curls plzzz

  20. Maybe you should find some models with shorter hair or do some tutorials on wigs? Just an idea… 🙂 Many of us with be veeeery thankfull – even more we already are 😀

  21. I like the old school intro! Feels more personal! =D

  22. You look SOOO gorgeous in this video, I love your face I think it's like perfect jajaja (That sound really weird) anyway, You must do a tutorial of your make up for this video. Love, XO!

  23. I want a tutorial for those curls please 😀

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