Braided Updos from TV’s Victoria – Hair Tutorial

I’m so excited to bring you a hair tutorial on these braided updos from TV’s Victoria! Also, thanks to Victoria for sponsoring this video; I’ve fallen in love with the show and I’m so excited to work with them.

You guys know I love braids and I love the royal family so combining the two was kind of amazing. Also, I got to wear a crown. Can we also talk about how gorgeous Jenna Coleman is? I’m pretty sure any hairstyle would look great, and these are no exception. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen season two yet, because OMG I cannot wait!


  1. hey ! love your content ! but I was wondering if you could do several flight attendant hairstyle or some sleek buns. I'm not inspired for my work hairstyles and it's annoying 😀

  2. I haven't even gotten to the tutorial yet and I've already like to the video! Oh my goodness these hairstyles are beautiful!!!

  3. Hi, saw your video through as an add in one of the vids I was watching and love your tutorial but, point of correction, the shows Victoria and The Crown are biopics of the real Queen Victoria and the real Queen Elizabeth II. In other words its true story, I'm not trying to be mean to you but, as a Brit I'm a bit scandalized when you called them fiction just watch the interviews that Matt Smith and Clare Foy of The Crown talking about it. Even Jenna Coleman from Victoria says they read her diaries to stay true to her life story.


  4. Love the period hairstyles and would be over the moon to see more! xoxo
    Maybe a Botticelli-inspired look? 😉

  5. Cand you maka a hair video with a in to the woods ermanastras hairtyle plis???

  6. Your attention to detail is amazing, Kayley! We appreciate your hard work!

  7. Do some hairstyles from the show reign

  8. Could you do some Audrey Hepburn hair styles? I’m doing a school project where you dress up as a person that you would like to be and I chose Audrey Hepburn. And I have no idea what to do with my hair! Could you help?

  9. Sorry, where have you find this beautiful crown? The hairstyle is very beautiful ??

  10. Yay! This is the best! You’re the best!

  11. I love your hair tutorial and I love this show!!

  12. Please do alice in Wonderland hairstyle

  13. Please do a hair mask tutorial with cheap home remedies for a hair mask for longer hair ??

  14. Hi Kayley! Do you have an updated blow dryer review/recommendation video? I found your one from like 5 years ago but I wanted to know your opinion for what’s on the market now.

  15. Please do a tutorial on the hair from the sky Atlantic show britannia

  16. did you mean season 3? because season 2 is already over XD

  17. Wow this is rly cool!! Just a suggestion, could you do some recommendations on cheap curling irons/wands?

  18. I have to thank you !! After watching this video I startet watching Victorya and I'm in love with it. Of course youre Hairstiles are amazing❤❤❤?

  19. Hey, Kayley! I love that you re-create hairstyles you see in tv and movies, as well as create some of your own! If I could put in a request/suggestion? The movie Rip Tide that is currently on Netflix has some great hairstyles, primarily on the character Cora played by Debby Ryan.

  20. Let's not forget that Queen Victoria has been completely whitewashed in Victoria. Not only was she a horrible mother to her children (specifically her daughters) most of the time, she also couldn't have cared less about the Irish and the Great Famine. Only after her Prime Minister urged her to do so she asked protestants to raise money for the Irish and donated a measly £2,000. Since it was royal protocol, no one could give more than her. Ottoman sultan Abdulmejid I would have donated £10,000 but was told not to because it would have offended Victoria.

  21. Do hairstyles from The Greatest Showman (Zendayas styles) for straight and curly hair !!!!!!! That would be so cool

  22. Can you do a review of the purple shampoo that's coming out by Kristen ess?

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