Breakfast At Tiffany’s Updo


  1. YOU SAVED ME!!!!!! Thank you thank you, thank you!!!!!! My hair came out soooo awesome!!!!❤️?

  2. Not suitable for short hair 🙁

  3. I just tried it. Doesn't look to bad but practice makes perfect!  Thanks for the video!

  4. Great! Thank you!! But can we get an original hairstyle maybe also?
    Because can't find it anywhere 🙂

  5. A sua técnica é a mais bonita e simples que encontrei no YouTube. Parabéns. Ficou perfeito.

  6. me gustan .

  7. Tried this last night and it was perfect! My comb tiara was a little heavy, so more teasing at the crown to hold it in place better. Thank you!

  8. You saved me so much time. Omg thank you ??

  9. It looked so beautiful. It must have taken a lot of practice.

  10. Ever thought about doing a video on how to get the Heather Graham look from the spy who shagged me? I would love to rock it if I knew how to do it.

  11. How did she do her hair whenever she was asleep and woke up late in Breakfast at Tiffany's?

  12. Great Video out of interest; where can I find a tutorial for the original Hairstyle?

  13. Would love to try this but I have really long hair, like to my waist, so as far as the French twist roll I think I would just have to much to tuck 🙁 Still a beautiful hairdo though, thumbs up!

  14. Love this! Would you suggest I straighten my hair before I do this since I have thick wavy hair?

  15. This is beautiful!  I did a makeup look for Audrey if you want to check it out on my channel! 🙂

  16. U R Outstanding..Beautiful..Nice..Cute….Pretty…Awesome Hairstyle….Gorgeous  Looking…Very Smart…Clean Skin….Excellent Hair Colour…..ETC…..ETC….ETC… 

  17. OMG love this so much!! Definitely going to wear this often! 

  18. I love how your hair is hard to tease and curl because then you can teach me tricks on how to tease/curl my difficultly straight hair haha

  19. Sencillamente hermoso no puedo creer lo fácil que lo haces eres toda una experta felicidades 🙂 Me encantó.

  20. Hi Kaylee, I'm a big fan from Italy 🙂 I have really thick hair and I want to give you an advice for your videos! When I tried to do the "bump" in the back of my head like you always do in your tutorials (following all your advices about bobbypinning :D), my hair fell out every time. Yesterday I finally found the solution and I reached the goal of doing a proper halp updo… I used two big bobbypins! They're bigger (longer) than normal and stick really well in my hair.

  21. Perfect! you are gorgeousssss!

  22. Woah, you are gorgeous! This hairstyle is perfect for you! great video!

  23. This is something I would consider doing for my wedding next year. But am kinda scared because I have a extremely round face and it might not look good on me.

  24. I'm gonna try this for a party next week, thanks for uploading this video! *excited*

  25. muy bien te quedo estupendo¡¡¡¡

  26. Love love love it!! Wish I had known this 2 years ago though:)

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