Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

To find out more ways to raise breast cancer awareness and support research, or to donate, visit!

♡ Products Used

  • ♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • ♥ OPI Alpine Snow
  • ♥ Pink Nail Art Liner/Striper
  • ♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat


  1. Awesome! I usually do it by painting my nails pink!

  2. You should do awareness to cvs and celiac's disease and autism 😉

    I love this idea

  3. my pastor's wife is a survivor. So are 3 of my cousins. Thank you so much for this design.

  4. My mom got it ore something like it 🙁

  5. My grandmother survived breast cancer.

  6. Im wearing this while I run the race for life for my 2 nans and grandad

  7. My friends aunt has breast cancer and I want to raise awareness for her

  8. Im doing this because i want to support all fighters<3

  9. My grandma had breast cancer but thank God he helper her fight through it and survived ?

  10. I'm a 16 year breast cancer survivor.  Even though it's February, 2014, I plan on wearing this design the entire month of October.  Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. I'm dong this for my grandmothers. They both have gone through breast cancer.

  12. You can change the colors to match for any cancer awareness!!

  13. Thank You.I had commented if yuh cudd do that.Thank you so much.I would give yuh more likes than ever.thanks c;

  14. I hate cancer!! I'm going to do these nails just for those people who have been lost who have survived and who are still fighting it

  15. Wearing this design right now 🙂

  16. I hate cancer but I <3 breast cancer nail art

  17. I'm so sorry everyone. I know, it must be horrible.

  18. I'll be doing this design for October because it's definitely more mature

  19. My grandma died of xancer too. I miss her soo much:(

  20. I wish cancer had cancer and died if that happened then the would be no problems but sadly it will never happem

  21. Hello! My name is Francesca!
    I know that you probably won't see this, but i love the thought of you doing awareness nails.
    I am currently fighting endometriosis and so is my aunt. Most of my family has it and it's horrible watching all these women go through their entire lives fighting this disease.
    I really want to raise more awareness about this disease. There is no cure and i want to find one. I would love to see your take on awareness nails for it, and help me raise awareness.

  22. My Grandma died in it. 🙁

  23. I'm on my brothers account so don't worry I'm a girl! My uncle has skin cancer I know its not the same as breast cancer but it's just as bad now part of his head is metal he had to take skin off his arm and leg:(

  24. I hate cancer i wish it never igsised

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