Bridal Side FRENCH MANICURE – Red & Gold Needle & Toothpick Nail Art

Bridal Side #Frenchmanicure Using #Needle And #Toothpick : Monday’s nail art is a red and gold bridal side French manicure.

  • First of all apply base coat to protect your manicure.
  • Paint dark red side French tip over one of your nails – We need wet polish.
  • Put three gold blobs over the wet base and by a needle make heart-like pattern.. let it dry.
  • Grab a toothpick and cover the messy red edge with gold polish.
  • Finally apply top coat to protect your manicure from peeling..

Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. Tmara bdha j video bv j mst hoy che didi ?

  2. Gostei muito ???

  3. I have no word to tell how much I love this one.Sooo pretty design.

  4. i love your nail tutorials i have done one already cant wait to try more beautiful simply beautiful

  5. hermosos diseños me encantan?

  6. Gorgeous! And it looks like I could accomplish it.

  7. Hi I've only just found your channel & I totally love your work & I'm so pleased to have come across you. Your work is fab – U – lus & I look forward to watching all your video's    Xv

  8. it's looking perfect for occasions ?

  9. It is worderful I like your designs…congratulations I suscribe you chanel.

  10. Easy and so beautiful. Good tutorial. 🙂

  11. red and gold really wonderful idea!

  12. I just love the colors u chose for this design the red and gold really compliment eachother

  13. رائع احسنتي حبيبتي

  14. hey thanks a tone for the help n response soo quick…its cute…easy n fast to do. but if u can then show some art for fulll nail.. no stress at all. one month left for My wedding ??till then will try this.. thanks once again…?????

  15. Oh good more to practice lol, this design is really pretty, I love the red and gold combo.

  16. wow super cute……red color for brides is usually used for Indian brides…

  17. Lovely!!! I love ur needle drag designs. I wish I could figure them out. I'm sure one day I will. I won't give up!

  18. lovely idea love these colours they are my favourite colours your designs are so easy to do

  19. Wow gorgeous hun they're beautiful love them a lot!!?

  20. This is a wonderful idea! Matilda, my practice hand, is going to be wearing this before today is out! Thanks for such a great idea.

  21. Me encantó tu decoración, gracias hermosa por tu vídeo besitos desde Colombia :):)

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