Bridal Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are well. Here is my soft and romantic bridal wedding day makeup look. It photographs beautifully and gives a gorgeous glow and iridescence to your face on your wedding day. This look is pretty versatile so it doesn’t have to be just a bridal look, you can wear this if you’re a bridesmaid or even for an everyday look! Hope you guys enjoy it! -Roxi

Ps. This is prerecorded so that’s why my hair is a little darker!

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  1. Roxys hair and brows are on fleek here. Missing the blonde, not a fan of the silver hair and virtually black brows now. But oh my is she pretty.

  2. i thought you've done for your foundation before, but you done your eye makeup first, haha you face skin is pretty flawless, i think. so gorgeous ??

  3. Good idea with the Demi lashes! I can never put full lashes on! Any lash tips?

  4. whats the song in the beginning?

  5. So beautiful and so talented! Love your videos<33

  6. I'm from Brazil and I love your videos deserve more subscribers ❤

  7. did you wear any highlights in this video?? your cheekbones are glowing ??

  8. by the way, I've noticed that you are using bobbi brown brushes in some other videos. so, do you recommend theme??

  9. this is really beautiful wedding makeup ♡ I'm already married, so I'm gonna wait my daughter's wedding day, to apply this look on her by my self ??

  10. Your skin is GORGEOUS! I seriously thought you had foundation on while you were showing us the eye makeup. You don't even need concealer!

  11. You taught me alot about eyes lots of love from Oxford

  12. Your seriously my fav YouTube and ur so beautiful?

  13. Ughhh your so pretty! Srsly GOALS❤️

  14. So inlove with this tutorial!!

  15. whats the song playing in the background? great video btw xx

  16. Ur so gorgeous please get ugly ?? love you so much???

  17. you're so talented , love it ????

  18. OMG! Your so pretty and your vids just make my life! Love u x

  19. that glow skin and highlighter wow i LOVE it!!! ???

  20. Do you wear contacts? Your eyes' color is ?.

  21. 1. Go to number 4
    2. Look I PROMISE!!! Go to number 7
    3. Lol I lied go to number 11
    4. Ok I'm sorry go to number 10
    5.OK…you are SUPER MAD now…go to number 13
    6. Ok last time go to number 14
    7. Ok ok…I know you are SUPER MAD…but go to number 9
    8. GOSH!!! I forgot go to 12
    9. Just wanted to say I love you!!
    10. Oops I meant number 6
    11. I know you're angry, but go to number 5
    12. I promise go to number 3
    13. Don't give up on me…go to number 2
    14. Trust me, go to number 8!!

  22. If I just were half as pretty as she is, maybe I would have a boyfriend hahah

  23. I would like you to do that makeup to me 😀

  24. This was beautiful. Love it.
    Just an FYI. An SPF isn't necessarily bad for your bride especially if she's going to be outside. As long as its a chemical block vs a physical block. The physical SPF is what causes the light to reflect. A chemical SPF will not. This causes quite a bit of confusion for artists. Although, most pro cosmetic company's have switched to the chemical block.

    Licensed Esthetician/MUA

  25. your tutorials are always so informative! no matter how much i think i know about makeup, i always end up learning some new tip from your videos.

  26. This is so beautiful! What blush is it that you used?

  27. She reminds me of Sage Mellet (Troye Sivan's sister) they are both gorgeous, i think they look alike

  28. AHHHH! This is amazing! you deserve 1 million++++ subs omg

  29. How do you keep your skin so clear? x

  30. This is so beautiful! I want to wear this look every day!!

  31. Love this tutorial 🙂 Great work – especially love how you can adjust it for different uses.

  32. love the makeup look so much it so cute <3

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