Hi Youtube Friends! I hope you all enjoy this video.



  1. I get that you don't want to flood the cuticle but why do you not put as much acrylic on the right side of the nail as you do in the left side? I've noticed on quiet a few nails in your videos that you don't even out your acrylic near the cuticles.

  2. where can I get one of those stones your model is holding?

  3. Ok wow yes i love this, I'm working on being this good & that's what i love about nails,it's always changing! BEAUTIFUL work, REALLY GOOD!

  4. Where do you get your brushes from?

  5. love vidéo, it's very very beautifull ? ? ? ? ? ? angélique

  6. Hey love can you do a video of using the efile like the angles of holding it and to get flush cuticles

  7. Those look great. Thank you for the hook up for the lovely white powder.

  8. ahhh! I love your videos!♡ could you maybe do one how you dip into the monomer and then the powder with your brush I just ordered one and not sure how to use it.♡ thank you so much for your videos. I love em!♡

  9. Do you ever offer trainings? That would be rad and I'd love to take a class from you! Beautiful work 🙂

  10. where can I get a glitter mat like yours?

  11. Sorry if I missed it, what crystal acrylic you used ? Love it

  12. I LOVE this design, amazing job.

  13. I love it it looks beautiful and I may do my nails like that I will give you a thumbs up I'm doing right now i'm subscribe right now and I'm Comment good job girl

  14. I love your channel i got my license and started doing nails not too long ago and i found myself going back to all your videos and i learned a lot from you ? im so glad you put the products that you use on the description part ? love itt!!!

  15. how long have you been doing nails

  16. Wow these are amazing! Absolutely stunning! TFS!??

  17. Hello! I just posted my first nail tutorial! Please watch and comment what you think! 🙂

  18. Simple and gorgeous, able to recreate and never get bored with you .?

  19. This is beautiful:) please follow me
    On ig 🙂

  20. Where did you get the diamond for your client to hold.

  21. I've been at work all day I'm finally off so I could lay down and watch your video and you didn't disappoint noe I wanna try and recreate it ??

  22. I it would be great if you did a video in real time showing how to do a clean cuticle application and how you use your ratios for every bead. thanks

  23. Omg these are AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!??

  24. wow those are beautiful nails! good job girl!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous luv thanks for sharing and showing ????

  26. This set looks amazing but I was just wondering why you don't put clear on the natural nail before applying white acrylic

  27. Can someone tell me why they call a beige acrylic a cover pink? I never understood the cover pink thing. Especially if the acrylic isn't actually pink.

  28. I just love watching you do nails! It's seriously so satisfying to watch!

  29. Beautiful hun loveee it your the best so neatly done

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