Briogeo Dont Despair, Repair! Hair Mask Review



  1. Hair mask Mondays ❤️❤️❤️???

  2. After a bad trip to the salon, i started this system where one Saturday i do a hot oil treatment the next Saturday i use a hair mask. I usually flip flop between hair masks but with this one, the difference is pretty great. But for the price i might keep searching

  3. Just Subscribed this is a life saver

  4. I have medium to fine hair, but I don't think I will pay $36 for it. Thanks for these videos.

  5. $36? The heavens would have to open and Angels would have to descend and finger detangle my hair for that kind of money. Nope!

  6. Do you see or feel a difference?

  7. Girl my hair so thick I’d need about 2 per section ?? . I appreciate the review though save me my coin

  8. I’ve never tried this, but I️ like thicker masks on my hair. This one seems like it’s just a tad bit thin.

  9. Hey Kaice, I'd love to see a review/first impressions on Mielle's skin care line

  10. Where did you get that sample package of Briogeo from?

  11. The product description alone have me sold. Thanks for the review

  12. this video was so helpfull!!! also this is really random ik but im actually applying to college rn and am considering attending fiu however i am not from miami and ik fiu is a big commuter school do you think its harder to make friends when you are not a commuter? i am planning on dorming so idk what was that like? hope you can help me out and keep up the good work!!

  13. As always a very helpful review!

  14. Yes with the hair reviews back to back ?

  15. Every time the intro song comes on I️ jam out lol. ?


  17. Thanks for sharing the video and I don't know how u is be making these videos so fast but it's very useful good and you are very creative and it looks beautiful on your hair keep the videos and good work up????????

  18. U are very creative and idk how u is be making this videos so fast and I swear they is be so helpful and good thank u for sharing and keep the videos up?????

  19. Beautiful so pretty I will definitely try that product ???

  20. Repair mask are not meant to be deep conditioners with a lot of slip. Repair mask are meant to repair the hair or hair and repaired feeling. Moisturizing deep conditioners and moisturizing hair mask are meant to give more slip. FYI

  21. Great video as always Kaice. I've never tried a protein hair mask, but when I do I'll be skipping this one.

  22. I think I wanna try this now it's looks great honestly ??

  23. Very expensive I always see them if I go to a natural hair salon lol. They DC is bomb.

  24. Ur so beautiful ? u betta Kum thru wit that melanin Poppin!!! Ur channel is LIFE. Mannnn I wuz dozing off ?n herd that reminder bell..IM WOKE??

  25. I tried it but felt the same as you – unimpressed.

  26. Your hair mask choices are always amazing ,heard about this line and was waiting for your review on it first ????❤️❤️

  27. I love seeing your channel grow! So inspiring ?? I wish u the best

  28. I swear I hate that hair care line cause they so expensive and it works so good on my hair.

  29. I got the same exact little sample of it & I wasn’t sure about it, but I think i’ll try it out

  30. your lash extensions still look great if those are still the same ones ??

  31. I️ love this deep conditioner I️ purchase it for the 2nd time last month. You do have to use it kind of sparingly if you’re heavy handed with product. But it’s still AMAZING. My curls are always enhanced. And it gives me GREAT SLIP (I️ know you said it doesn’t have slip lol) anyways GREAT review boo

  32. Too rich for my blood! Idk according to the creator of this brand it started bc her grandmother was poor. She had like eight kids, and couldn't afford to buy hair products so she made them. So it's like from the struggle she came, but it's hard for normal people to afford her products. Seems like she has forgotten where she came from.

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