Bronze Purple Smokey Eyes tutorial

Hey Cuties! ♡ Welcome to my YouTube channel. Today I have this bronze purple smokey eye look for ya’ll. I’m sorry that this is only a eye look tutorial, I’ll post some full face pics on my instagram (@Makeupbyan). I hope you enjoy the video!! Much love for all of you.


  1. Hey everybody ❤️ thank you so much for watching today's video. I hope you like how it turned out. For any suggestions for my next video. Let me know ?

  2. Hi ? beautiful eye look for spring!

  3. I love your look . Ya te extrañaba ???

  4. wow!! I am big fan of your makeup❤…I would like to have a look with my request pink and green?❤ plz

  5. What is it that when I apply the third shade it starts getting patchy how do you stop that it seems like I can't apply more than two shades to my eyes Shadows or they start getting patchy what am I doing wrong can you please help

  6. I'm in a wedding in July and the color of the bridesmaid dresses is persimmon or orange. Would love a eye makeup tutorial on this color

  7. Your eye makeup looks are always absolutely immaculate. Its not even human how perfect they are. I really enjoy your tutorials. Wow

  8. Awesome video as always! Ps fuchsia is pronounced “few-sha” 🙂

  9. Do a look with a yellow winged liner please☺

  10. Beautiful!! What is the pastel palette you used? I cant see the products used list

  11. Your products used doesn't show. ?

  12. The description box is missing the list of products used-can you add them? I really want to try this!

  13. An do your shadow shields come in the 20 pack or just the 10 pack. I would like to order the 20 pack. Also I will be ordering your brushes. Please could you answer about the shadow shields… appreciate it. Thank You An ?

  14. So beautiful..I love the color combination, nice job! ??

  15. Please come to Athens for make-up Master class!!!!

  16. PERFECTION!!!!!……AS always Beautiful..thank you for your creativity of combos and colors of different and unique looks each and every time….An you truly do inspire and teach in such a way to give confidence to all to practice and learn. Thank You for all your effort time and hard work . Another favorite color… You are appreciated..❤U ???

  17. very beautifull your makeup!! please eyes in red

  18. Absolutely perfect.. love the colours

  19. YOU always blow me away girl awesome job !

  20. Hello An! I love your eyes are beautiful! I love learning from you. Thank you for all your work you put in making these videos. ?

  21. Love this I just did something so similar! Yours has such a great pop of punk and your techniques are soooo precise you are so good at what you do!

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