BROW HACK Get Rid Of Greasy Eye Brows

Hi loves ☺ So I saw Jaclyn Hill doing this trick for the beginning of her brows but after searching on YouTube I saw many girls have done this technique so apparently it’s a trick that has been used for some years. How ever, it was the first time for me personally seeing someone do this so in case you haven’t seen this trick I hope it is helpful! It really stepped up my brow game. I hate it when my brows start looking greasy/Oily and I have combination skin. Let me know in the comments if you have tried it and what your experience are! MUCH LOVE XOXO





  • ⇢ Sigma F35

Love you guys! ♡ ♡


  1. Hey loves! I hope this video is helpfull. For me it really helps. And I know my skin looks very dry in this video. My skin has been very dry lately (Still gets oily during the day) If you have any suggestions for a nice hydrating face cream I would love to know 😀

  2. i know you said it was a jaclyn hill video that you learned this trick from, but could you tell me which one?

  3. Love this eyebrows always get oily I will try this

  4. Hallo anna herft u nooit een video probeert te doen in nederlands zelf zal leuk zijn en ik denk dat het makelijk zal zijn. Voor u zelf

  5. Definitely trying this tomorrow!

  6. I need to know what contacts you're wearing?!!!!????

  7. واووو?? يخبل متابعه من العراق?

  8. I have oily/dry combination skin but my t-zone always gets very oily. Thanks for this tip !! I'm going to try it out and see how it works. ☺

  9. Congratulations, I love your videos. I'm your fan of Brazil. Congratulations on the beautiful work.

  10. This is so helpful I always get oily brows during the day ?

  11. Love this makeup tip! Thank you!

  12. hi!!friend yes this titorial whas realy helpfull ty!!

  13. amazing!!!??
    i'm gonna try it! thanks for share❤

  14. gostei muito!obrigada?

  15. this was very helpful?

  16. Wow…I thought I was the ONLY person with this problem..greasy brows!!!

  17. helpful but, I don't have any eyebrows. ??

  18. Great video! You do an amazing job shaping your brows as well. I learned this trick by accident a few years ago. I used a Physicians Formula tone correcting pressed powder that is matte to help when a pencil is too warm or pulls red on my brow. By using it that way I found out it gave the added benefit of keeping the shine down too. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I use a colorless eye shadow primer ( like Lorac or Urban Decay) in my brows before I fill them in. works so well.

  20. thanks a lot An knook, love you tutorials!! you're so pretty ?

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