Brow Tutorial using WunderBROW

Hi loves ☺ I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if you wanna see more of these first impressions videos. And if yes what do you want me to review? 😀 Love you! XOXO



  1. When you wiped your brow I don’t think it was the product that came off, I think it was the concealer ( 2:54 )❤️

  2. Ik vond het echttt een kut product haha 🙁

  3. I love all of your videos. I like how you do your makeup is the BEST.

  4. sei bravissima me lo puoi tradurre in italiano.i tuoi consigli mi aiutano tanto.vado ad intuito x capirti??????stupendi i tuoi tutorial

  5. An, you could make ANY product look good!

  6. I bought WunderBrow a few months ago and when i first tried it the moment i got it, the colour washed off the next day and did not stay on for 72 hours 🙁

  7. do you prefer the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow or pencil? Also, what brush did you use for the brows

  8. I'm so happy you did this, but can you show us please how you get the product on your brush? my wunderbrow dried out very quickly when I used it this way. Collecting the product from the product brush.
    Thanks An

  9. An do you think setting it with powder disturbs it and messes it up? Or will it take the powder and last longer?

  10. I love wunderbrow!!!! Hands down one of my most fave brow products ever!!

    I could seriously sit and watch your tutorials all day, every day and still be amazed at every video you put up. You have unbelievable talent!!
    Love you!! ❤❤❤❤

  11. I've seen so many people on other peoples videos and pictures saying " you're using it wrong it's just a tint you're supposed to wipe it off after 20 minutes or it will stain forever! " but that's false information. Wunderbrow IS a brow tint HOWEVER it can be used every day as a brow product to shape and fill them if you please. If you don't wash it off the product lasts for up to three days because like I stated before it IS a brow tint and that's why the texture is liquid with a sheer amount of coverage. Wunderbrow is also build able, but if like full thick " instagram " eyebrows it will take allot of work as it is designed to be a sheer TINT

  12. I'm not sure how I feel about these…. thanks for the video!

  13. It was just ok for me…I don't like how warm all the colors are and if you do happen to mess up is it forgiving or is it hard to fix???? NO ONE explains that…?? it looked marvelous on your brows!! How did you end up taken them off????????

  14. The link you gave for wander brow is open into Anastasia Beverly Hills brow tint so where to buy wander brand ?

  15. I love your chanile
    very much ?

  16. I love the no edit finish! thank you for being so vivid and honest! I love it! ?????

  17. Yeas!! I was waiting for a brow tutorial with this product! I have seen it online and I was very curious but OMG it looks gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial love you hun! ❤️

  18. U re such a wonderful genius, love u so much. learning so much from u, keep it up dear.

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