Brown holo single chevron scaled gradient


  1. Awwww….. She was so little then!!!??

  2. Oh yeah it's not Cristine no more

  3. Just started a simply nailogical marathon and im on the second video lol

  4. she went from 48 seconds to 20 minutes video :'( so proud of you Christine <3 xD

  5. This is an outrage you can barely tell it's holo. I'm disappointed in you Christine lol. Jk love you

  6. There were 420 comments so I had to be the 421 but I am not high

  7. Christine! There’s a brand called

  8. Her first holo….. ??

  9. This is how Christine became a holosexual

  10. Can you do a Chrome nail polish gradient

  11. This isn’t a good holo video!!

  12. BENNNN WHERREE TIISSS UUUUU!!!! 2018 bakkaaaass

  13. It's hard to believe that I have Ben watching her for three years this was the third video that I hade ever seen by her.thats crazy

  14. anyone else watching in 2017 and saying OMG she used to actually do nail art

  15. I love how under her old videos everyone is commenting stuff like "Omg it's baby Cristine!" ?❤?

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