Brown Lips Makeup Tutorial | Loveemanda


  1. Which brush did you use for your contour? X

  2. Beautiful look girl I'm loving the dark lip!

  3. Did you like that setting powder for under your eye?(:

  4. you are adorable! love this look♥

  5. love that lip color! i also make beauty videos if anyone wants to check them out. anyways great video!

  6. Yayyy just discovered your channel ? … obsessed already ! Sooo pretty ? … can't wait for more videos

  7. I usually watch videos that fit my skin tone, you know just being that the products sometimes fit me better. But my god, I can not stop watching your videos lol! Like your literally amazing. One of my favs

  8. Babe can you do a smokey eye look

  9. can you please do a updated eyebrows tutorial

  10. Can you list the products in the description box?

  11. You're so beautiful, I wish I had a small face like you.

  12. Love the look gorgeous! Everything pulled well together looks awesome 😀

  13. Could you make a video on top makeup tools/palettes/and products? I have the 35O palette, just wondering what are the good basics 🙂

  14. Thought u looked a bit like kylie jenner! Gorgg

  15. You look stunning?? so beautiful!

  16. Love love love this color lips and that highlight is beat gurl!;))

  17. Love it! Love all your videos. You're gorgeous, girl!

  18. could you please do a advice video on breakupss:)

  19. love this makeup look on you and esp the lipstick colour! why dont you do a winter makeup tutorial?

  20. I love your videos! Been subscribed for a while – I always look forward to your uploads ?❤️️

  21. Your stunning!!! Love your videos!!!!❤️

  22. Brown looks so good on you!?

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