Building an Acrylic Nail WITHOUT a Form or Tip

Suzie explains why Liquid To Powder Ratio is so important, and shows how, with good Liquid To Powder Ratio, you can build an acrylic nail without using a form or tip!

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  2. She repeated her self 1 millon times lol

  3. This technique is so much waste of time.I will just stay with the other technique.

  4. I've been following you quite a bit lately, and enjoying all the leaning techniques I have picked up. so I thank you for that. but 1 serious question that I have is What is happening to your own nailbed? It needs to breathe sometime

  5. I've been doing this on my sister's nails for months lol. Who knew

  6. You are so awesome and I truly appreciate your videos. Your technique is impeccable and I will be investing in the proper tools. Im not a nail tech but I am proud so say that I did my own acrylics last night! It was not easy! However they look great and I've already gotten compliments. Thank you so much, I love your channel and please keep it up!

  7. Ok this is definitely sponsored?

  8. When I saw the spray acetone I was like nooo horrible product

    From simplynailloogical

  9. Hi can u please give me the name of what the powder is and the liquid to, thank u.

  10. Hi Suzie I’ve been thinking about being a nail tech and opening my shop but 1 I want to told is it hard and 2 is difficult for to make that change because of all the responsibilities I have I want to just your thoughts.

  11. You remind me of Valerie Bertinelli. You could be family.

  12. What is a good nail drill? Can you do a tutorial on nail drills please ?? and brushes

  13. My nail tech didn’t use primer but she bonded it. I asked her about the primer but she said she didn’t need it. How do you feel about that? —I love Infinite Shine!! The ICELAND Collection by OPI and I just love Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection.

  14. I think you use lots of acrylic this way but it’s a good way for some one with bitten nails nice video thanks

  15. Man with how sharp dem nails are you don't even need a weapon if someone breaks in

  16. I love ur videos..I learn soooooo much from you …my nail work has improved tremendously ..thank you

  17. Love your videos u the best nail tech in my opinion?????

  18. I love you and all your videos ❤️from Toronto!!!!

  19. i wonder what would happen when you put way to many layers of nail polish or acrylic….

  20. I cried holo tears as I remembered the Holo Queen herself use spray acetone.?

  21. Suzy is going crazy!! No form or tip!!??

  22. What’s with the self tanning lotion hun? ??

  23. wow you are absolutely the most talented nail tech i know of. I literally went in to a salon for my nails and asked them if they could use a form and they legit told me that you can’t use a form for square nail but you did it in the application video. Salons NEED to watch your videos

  24. I just want to thank you i have watched almost every viedo u have a u have taught me so much but u said in one of your videos that its really hard to get your liquid to powder just right but when u do its so much fun well i have been doing this for about 2 months only on myself never been to school i have just learned from you and i finally have it i been practicing so much and i can make them look good and stuff but would have to file forever and they didnt break but it just wasnt easily to lay the acrylic but i ordered diggernt acrylic and a new brush i had been using my kiss brush for a long time and wow it makes a difference THANK YOU so much for your viedos your my idol sounds silly but u are????

  25. I bite my nails because of anxiety, and i'm trying really hard to stop so i can have beautiful nails like yours. Just wanted to say your voice is really calming and i love to listen to your videos when getting ready in the morning. Thank you for your videos, youre amazing at what you do!

  26. I am in complete Ahwww!!! ?? Absolutely beautiful technique!

  27. I love your videos but…you do not use electric drill or dust off when acrylic lid is off. It could cause contamination, disease etc. You need to be always careful and keep that hygiene on top.

  28. Would the acrylic from the Kiss kit that you used work for this? ?

  29. I just wanted to add your amazing at what i do and to be able to teach so much on a video i have learned so much from you i can only imagine what you could teach in person

  30. How do you know how much acrylic to put on the free edge i dont know if mine are to thin or to thick

  31. When you are removing the nail with the drill… how do you know when you are too close to the natural nail? …especially with the nail growing out….

  32. Oh wow! So thats why my nails hurt every time I get acrylics

  33. Idk why this was in my recommended haha, but I'm glad it was, I really enjoyed it!!

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