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Impress your friends and family with these 4 easy burger hacks, perfect for this summer.

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  1. Donut burger looks different

  2. We really appreciate your hacks. Thank you for those tasty and sweetie hacks and dishes. Please do more!

  3. WTF!!!!!
    Donut burgers seriously useless??

  4. So Yummy K!ds please!! Is a super idea! Think!

  5. Wow shortest vid EVAR from ya.

  6. Use donuts as patties? Do you guys want to die?

  7. The donut burger makes me want to jump off a building.

  8. Life changing you say? Oh yes I'm sure I'll get heart diseases from this

  9. It's good but is so fat

  10. Why don't you make chicken burger??

  11. Ooooohhhh yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa

  12. Wow

  13. That donut burger looks very disgusting I rather puke then eat that ???

  14. Is it bad that I’m a vegetarian and I’m watching this?

  15. This video should come with a refural to a diabetic center

  16. Oi eu amo esse canal ☆☆♡♡

  17. This food look so yummy lOl

  18. Cow is our national animal

  19. I know that thsse things are delicous because i made them

  20. whhhhattt that is so… cool

  21. BURGEEEERS !!!!?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. مين ببشرتك لقناتي و هي أهمها so yummy

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