Burgundy Smokey Eyes Tutorial


  1. Hey Cuties!! I hope you are all having a amazing weekend and had a lovely thanksgiving! ♥️
    I wanted to create a more round smokey eye since my last one had more of a sharp edge. I personally find the round smokey eye a bit more difficult but it's nice to show you different ways! I hope you enjoyed the video and I love u all! ♥️

  2. Just tried this look and I’m amazed and the end result! Your steps are so easy to follow and I’m not the best at applying makeup but I am beyond thrilled at my first attempt! Keep making your amazing videos and I’ll be sure to tag you in Instagram when I post photos!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. your blending skills are insane ?

  4. This is so helpful im guessing you could use any color instead of pink just following your technique its like also the blue one uve made

  5. Good morning my dear. Can you or have you ever did a tutorial on makeup brushes? If not, can you please do so. Showing what brushes should be used where. Thx

  6. ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️ ?????❤️???❤️????♥️?????❤️???❤️????♥️

  7. Can you please do a tutorial just on blending? What's the best way to blend light and dark colors together? What's the best way to blur and blend hash lines? Should you always tap powder off the brush before using? How do you cut crease hooded eyes? Help! Love you An. Felicia from New Orleans.

  8. I wish I could rim my lower lash line however, due to really dark, brown circles covered with a corrector and concealer, lining the lower rim defeats the purpose of hiding the circles.

  9. Love! I’m gonna try this with my reds in my Jaclyn hill morphe palette ?

  10. Heeey I love your make up and your taste of music… can you please tell me which song you used on you second last video on Instagram? It goes like „you can call my name and I’ll come running back to you, back to you, running back…“

  11. You have such pretty eyes and dark colors hide your eyes don't do that ?, but I do love your makeup tutorials though keep up the awesome work ?

  12. You are such an artist! I don’t get tired to watch your tutorial!! ALWAYS GREAT! I love this one!!!

  13. YOU ARE A MAKEUP GENIUS. I love and adore you An. Much love from New Orleans.

  14. oh wow you're amazing at blending ?

  15. I wish i could afford to buy this eyeshadow, & besides im not good doing my own eyes, & as far as eyelashes go, i have tryed glueing them on & they come right back off dont know how, i need someone to do it for me but i dont know anyone

  16. Why don't you do full face make-up tutorials!? You are so good at makeup… I would love full face videos

  17. Stunning absolutely stunning????????????????

  18. Very creative and talented ❤️
    I watched every single video of yours

  19. Please do my makeup.????????????????????

  20. Love this…so beautiful..I love smokey eye all year long…I use browns…so scared to try black.maybe soon get the nerve…thanks for always doing awesome videos..so thankful❤

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