Burn 400 Calories in This 40-Minute Workout | Class FitSugar

Torch 400 calories in 40 minutes with this no-equipment workout.POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. Check out Class FitSugar, our do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Class FitSugar regularly covers the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.


  1. I love getting a new workout every Sunday!

  2. Oh man this was tough! Loved it!

  3. Thank you, girls! I enjoy every one of your workouts as well as your attitude!

  4. Any modification to the reverse burpee? I find it hurts my lower back

  5. I just love ❤️ the cool down ???????

  6. Hi thank you for all you videos ! I did a lot of them and I wanted to share with you my modification for the push up & shoulder tap: I did a negative push up, drop on my knees to press back up with my arms and get back on toes just in time for shoulder tap. (so I droped on my knees just to help me get back in push up position before shoulder tap!) thank you very much for all your great work Anna! 🙂

  7. I have started doing this workout weekly in my routine. It's brilliant and I'm still sore from it months after it's been added. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  8. Great workout 🙂 Hi from Serbia 🙂

  9. I LOVE this workout!! So AWESOME, thank you!! (post work out euphoria :-D)

  10. With your videos I have lost 11 pounds and Im still losing .. I love you ❤️

  11. This workout was no joke today!! Thanks Pop Sugar Crew!!

  12. Did anyone hear how she said Karaoke

  13. that was so much fun!!! Keep posting please, i love These workouts especially with Anna leading the workout inlove

  14. Omg we got to round three and she announced those burpees and I literally yelled at my computer "ARE YOU F*****G KIDDING ME, BURPEES?!?!"
    But, it was a great workout 🙂

  15. I'm so sorry that I gave up at the 5th round ? but I'm sweating anyways. I will try again this and I hope I'll make it till the end

  16. thnx a lot ! but it was a little bit easy

  17. I hurt my neck with that reverse burpee 🙁

  18. Great workout! The pacing and modifications for athletes were great! I'm used to seeing a ton of modifications for people who aren't strong enough. It's nice to see modifications to push ourselves farther as well!

  19. anyone else watch these for fun? wait let me be more specific-anyone else watch these in bed?

  20. Am I the only one that suffers from elbow burns from the pyke jumps??? Every time I do this routine I end up with circles of missing skin on my elbows lol I've done this workout a few times and today I finally looked up and saw Anna on her hands guess I'll be doing it that way from now on.


  22. love this omw thank you popsugar u guys are the best [xoxo]

  23. Fantastic workout! Thanks for the modifications – sure needed them for that last round.

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