Burn 500 Calories in a 45-Minute Boxing Workout

This cardio boxing workout from Christa DiPaolo, creator of the THE CUT by Equinox, will torch 500 calories and leave you dripping sweat. This workout mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength-training moves. If you are new to working out, we offer modifications for almost every move. Grab a towel and a bottle of water, press play, and get ready to get cut!

  • On Christa: Goldsheep tights and Nike shoes
  • On Anna: Satva top, Terez tights, and Adidas shoes
  • On Kaycee: Athleta top, Goldsheep tights, and Under Armour shoes
  • On Nicole: Lorna Jane top, Sweaty Betty tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
  • On Kupah: Nike
  • Corkcicle water bottles

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  1. I have fallen in love with kickboxing, Christa and Popsugar you are the best ?

  2. I feel this is more intense than Christa's 1hr workout video on POPSUGAR but i burned 327 calories on that video and 277 calories on this. I'm 110 pounds btw

  3. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G workout!!! Thank you so much! Christa has such a fantastic energy! Please put more videos with her!!!! <3

  4. Christa you're awesome love all of your training videos and thank you pop sugar keep up the Amazing work and please more of these videos love youuuuu xxxxx

  5. Can we have more Christa please?? Do a 60 minute one!!!! Thanks and much love!!!

  6. Absolutely love your kickboxing class, Christa! I've taken many kickboxing classes and yours is just outstanding. Please upload more full classes and release a dvd!

  7. I like this boxe workouts
    I hope more workouts this type
    christia you are amazing

  8. This was a little awkward for me. I love her previous workouts but this one felt a little all over the place. Won’t be my go to favorite. I’ll stick to the others.

  9. I… didn't feel any hot sauce. I am not advanced enough with boxing to keep up but at the same time I am to advanced for the modifications to make me feel it…. the only part that made me sweat was the warm up, because I could keep up. But hey, that's what practice is for!

  10. A huge thank you to Anna Christa and Anna for these awesome videos! I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. Your first 45 min video completely changed my attitude about working out and how I work out. I’ve been able to stay consistent and more importantly ENJOY my workouts.

  11. how the fuxj u talk like u arent moving

  12. You can't be a better trainer than this ! Loved your workout while I did it in parallel at home ?

  13. Kupah is hella hot, I'm just saying.

  14. I have fallen back in love with cardio kickboxing and Christa. I think she needs to come out with her own videos and meal plans. I would 100% sign up!

  15. feeling so spicy after the workout! i have fallen in love with this kickboxing!

  16. if i only do 15 minutes of it will it have any effect?

  17. Just did this workout for the first time, and it is AWESOME! LOVE the way my obliques feel after this. Also love how she says "spicy," "jalapeno," and "ninja" a lot, it keeps me smiling through the pain!! Thanks for a great workout, I feel great <3

  18. This kicks my butt so good! I’m dyin!

  19. someone help me IDK which 45 minute kick boxing video to do hahahaha!! LOVE IT

  20. does this burn like lots of fat?

  21. I can't believe I made it to the end, that was so intense!

  22. Love Christa!! Her workouts are really empowering! At first I could barely make it through 5 minutes through the workout and now I'm able to do everything! Thanks Christa!!

  23. You are amazing! ? I love your workouts.

  24. I love Christa's energy!!! Thank you so much for this great workout. I'm dying now……..

  25. Do more boxing workouts please

  26. This kicked my ass….. But I feel good!!!

  27. Whoop! Whoop! Official Ninja ???? Thanks for the great workout!

  28. I honestly would do a 3 hr workout by Christa.

  29. Thanks for kicking my butt with this one!

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