ButterCream: Super Thin Gel

Suzie creates a beautiful hand-painted Nail Art design using Light Elegance ButterCream Color Gels and the Celina Rydén Signature Series Art Brush Set.

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  1. How can she do it perfect like if I do one nail its not even good

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at 9:45

  3. How can she paint her nails so well

  4. Does anyone else just love how soothing and graceful her voice is!! I just love hearing her talk!! I can’t be the only one lol

  5. Why is this product/brand only available to professionals only when other gel polished are available to anybody?

  6. I want some of that designs and real flower inside my acrylic coffin nails

  7. Am i the only one getting WAAAYYYY to relaxed by the sound of Suzie's voice? Like, i'm sitting here getting all sleepy 😀

  8. Just subscribed!! I love Suzie!! She’s calming, funny, Uber talented & and presents beautifully!!! Where has she been all my nail life?!?!?! Sharing this with all the nail friends and family in my life!!! Shine on Sweet Suzie!!

  9. I keep getting unsubscribe from your channel ??

  10. Suzie, can i also do this nailart without using cure and instead of gel regular nailpolish?

  11. hi Suzie where can i get the butter cream gel

  12. Omg! Suzie I love how you do nails, you just have such a steady hand and a very opened mind

  13. I could listen to her talk all day why the frick frack piddly whack is her voice so soothing ?

  14. I don't know who edits the videos, but that person does an incredible job. I love the animation that follows what she's holding. The transitions are so smooth and linear, yet keep getting updated and together with that iconic music make this so super pleasent to watch. Edit person, to me you're part of Suzie's charme as well. (:
    (Don't get me wrong tho Suzie, I love you and your art!!)

  15. I cant buy this I want to use buttercream I am not nail tect so wont sell them to me sad

  16. Since this is so thin would it work in a calligraphy pen? Just a thought ?

  17. Hi , where can you buy buttercream super thin gel? your amazing at all style nail, delighted I came across you, thanks for all tips. x

  18. Suzie, are these soak off or hard gel?

  19. I love how, after switching brushes back and forth for 2 nails, you were just like "Fuck it" and did everything with the stripy. XD

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